Friday, March 9, 2018

Finishes and challenges

Feeling like I am getting 
Things accomplished around here
This ufo block became a cute
Table topper. I quilted it up and trimmed it
Made the binding and she is ready to finish

I think she came out ok
I love the quilted texture

This guy got sewn up

And quilted

Easy peasy way
So a cute little giftie
For spring or Easter

And just because I had been
Cleaning up scraps I had cut out 
A few kleenex covers
Today I decided to sew them up
More little gifties for the box
 Maybe I will get lucky enough
To match them to the totes
And zip bags to make sets
We will see.
Taxes will be done
Insurance company called
To start the claim process
So getting things checked off
The list

How are you doing?
Thought of a different little 
Challenge if you wanna play

We can take a ufo block
Post it
Then send our block to the
Chosen petson and that person 
Works with it and makes 
A little something with it and
Returns it to the original owner
What do you think?
We can keep it a secret
Till the final reveal
You up for playing?
Let me know in comments

You can make a table topper, 
Cute runner, tote bag, maybe
Even something else.
The challenge is working
With someone else's colors
And creating something
For them.
You can add anything you want
To make your project
Once I know who wants to play
We can put names in a hat
And pick that way who gets
Whose blocks
Can send any size block
Can cut it, add to it etc
To make a finished item.
How fun to get your block back and see
What was made.
Dig out those unloved blocks
Or make one
It'll be in?
I have ufo blocks
I like challenges
I like surprises
I'm in.......

1 comment:

barbara woods said...

to busy cutting 2 1/2 inch blocks for that quilt u talked me into doing