Saturday, March 3, 2018

Nasty storm

This storm is not fun. Yesterday was pelted with rain all day. Drain pipes had to be chased down in the yard.
By afternoon loud bangs were coming in house.thought it was a tree. Nope
The back awning came lose both sides and was flipping up in the wind breaking the vinyl siding and making a racket.
I went out to try and tie it to the railing to prevent it from flipping but almost went flying myself. Rich had to catch me and the awning went up and over my roof to the other side. I went out in the rain again pulling it into the screenroom for safety.
My buddy Jackys son did a temporary fix of nailing shingles to cover the holes left on yhat side. At least it should keep the rain out for now. Ugh.
Then i get ready to make dinner and poweout. Peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.
Its 5 am and about 50 in here. Under a pile of blankeys with the cats to stay warm. Ugh....
Start of weekend......storm 1  Dawn 0
Hope everyone in this storms wake stays safe
No lights no treadle , no heat. Grrrrr  not liking this one bit but could be worse

4 comments: said...

Do you have any idea how truly blessed you are that Jacky's son was there to help. Keep warm. Any idea when your power will return?

Julierose said...

We are without power here too Dawn--glad you didn't blow away--yikers!! Still a'blowin' here like crazee. Now we're glad we made all those extra quilts--right?? Can never have too many...
stay safe and try to stay warm...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

praying for you and Rich. stay safe

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You got the rain and wind - hope things are starting to get back to a more norm. We got buried in 38" of snow which I hope melts slowly.