Sunday, March 4, 2018

Stormy days

Starting Thurs night into Friday
We had a huge storm
FRIDAY I called in.wasnt going to risk 
Not being able to get home. Good thing I did. We lost power right after noon and then a loud banging noise. Was my back
Awning which came loose and was literally
Flipping up and down banging the side of my home. It tore off vinyl siding and flew
Over the roof to the other side of the yard.
No sign of the vinyl. Anywho no sewing
Got done. I grabbed some yarn and made
Half of another scarf. It will go in the box when done. A pretty gray with gray eyelash combo. So soft and comfy. 

Then got bored so decided to see
If I could cut for projects. Found my
Star quilt from butterfly quilts.
Put it in one tin to keep it
Together and found i already
Have too many blue blocks
And only ten white ones
 I need 60  ugh

So i handwrote directions so I
Would know where this is going
And cut white strips

See? Mostly blues 
When I get those pedal to the metal
Moments I will grab them and sew white blocks
Then the hst blocks and put er together
My whites in here or background
Fabrics range from light pink
To white to yellow
As long as light I am using it
I cant wait to see this one done
Thanks to wont to be quilter
For making me go look for it again.
She is making one but adding her own design to it.
Mine is for me so other projects come first.
Glad I made some progress on it even with
No sewing

Now for storm cleanup

4 comments: said...

Glad you are safe. See on FB your power finally came back on.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Hope you get everything back to normal. The storm wasn't too bad up here. We were lucky not to lose power. I was at work and worried the whole day. Nice to see you could work on a few projects.

Julierose said...

You must be so happy to get WARMED UP!!
Glad you were able to get some fabric stuff down--all we did, it seems , is to sit around and worry about trees lashing over our house!
But none fell so we were lucky.
I am going to try to do a bit of hand quilting on my long-lost Pomegranates piece while watching the Red Sox...
glad you are safe--hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

glad you both are good. we have a hundred year old tree near our sun room that i worry about falling on us every time the winds gets up