Friday, March 30, 2018

The geese need to fly north

These squirrels are geese
Geese migration quilt that is
What? You dont see geese here?
Nope they wont come north until
It gets warmer....just sayin

But with my 2.5 inch squares
Already cut waiting to play
I am finding it easy to
Put together the gradations 
Then chain web them

See?  I have five of them already
These were done in between sewing
Other things before I go to work
If I can do it, you surely can too.

Landons deer?  Brothers deer?
Bags? Easter runners?
Whose counting the new ufos I am 
What squirrels are you chasing?


Julierose said...

My squirrel-ey brain --we've had our furniture pulled out of the living room and into the dining room for 5 days waiting for the Rug cleaner guy to come--he's cancelled 3 times--today is his last chance....does he want to do business or not? That is my question....
Anyhoo--I finished sewing the squares into blocks yesterday...the last for rows....Love how your squares are coming together...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

looking good! Maybe the geese will get their soon a couple of them stopped at the pond in front of our house