Friday, March 16, 2018

What would you work on

Hmmm. This tote bag needs to be done 

This binding needs to be 
Put on

Yeah on this cutie
Table topper 

But wait.........
I saw some Easter fabric
In the bin
And Easter is early
And a little runner
With a few eggs 
And this border

That is how ufos stay ufo s
Did you say squirrel Colette ? 


Julierose said...

I would do the binding first as it is the closest to a finish...but it's a hard choice hugs, Julierose said...

It isn't one squirrel.You have a whole scurry going on. :D

Jeanna said...

I agree with Julierose, whatever will give you a finish then you may be motivated to take on something else.

barbara woods said...

just don't any one say Deer