Friday, March 23, 2018

Who says you cant teach an old cat new tricks

Dunkin is learning how to do 

See how nicely he folds them
To prevent fur and wrinkles?

And Phoebe is learning how to iron
Without burning herself lol
After all I keep them pretty well 
Fed and in treats
The least they can do is help
Out a little,right?

So far for 2018 I have finished
The following.......
(I know.....a new trick for me too)
11 zippy bags
A fall bag
Blue and yellow card trick topper 
Fall slab pumpkin topper 
Pink green yellow kite topper
Mini quilts for Jacky
My sewing machine mat
A knit scarf
A knit dishcloth
Not too bad so far

Now to finish two Easter runners 
A pink and purple baby quilt 
With burp cloth
And a deer quilt for Landon .
All of these
Need to be done 
Along with a raccoon block for my farm girl vintage quilt
Never enough hours in a day
Whats being made in your room?

5 comments: said...

Wait a minute there....I seem to remember a brother that has a deer quilt lurking there in the room.

Julierose said...

Funny thing about those deer--they just blend right in and you can't see them...rotflol!!;)))
I have my son's quilt blocks to be sewn together--it's 48 by 64 as is--but I'd like it wider...hmmmm ,may have to put some side borders on...can't seem to make up my what else is new, right?
TGIF girl...hugs, Julierose said...

I don't get to do any sewing right now. Maybe later today.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

My furries have gotten fat and lazy this winter. I have gotten way out of hand with projects - my "focus' for the year went out the window.

barbara woods said...

putting together Tatum's quilt today