Monday, April 30, 2018

Farmgirl vintage

For all of you farmgals
Who want to finish your farmgirl vintage quilt.......
Or make some blocks for small projects like
Potholders, table runners, bags......etc

I will be doing Farmgirl Friday
For the month of May

you have till end of May to finish them 

Lets get some blocks done!

For those of you who dont know today is
Willy Nelsons birthday and my 35th anniversary...........
Where does the time go?

Sunday, April 29, 2018


I found another strata in the
Solids bag
What to do oh what to do
I sewed them together
Just like the last one in green
So pretty in pinks and black
Now to find border and backing 
And get er done

Have I ever said how much
I love my quilting friends?
Thanks Sharon for allowing
Me to play with these pretties

This is the baby quilt lined with minky
Just stitched in center both ways

So another gift for the baby showers
I am on a roll

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Ha ha Colette
Made you look
I didnt lie. This is a deer...
Just not the deer quilt. Hee hee

Did a couple more blocks of these 
And need a few extra so I
Would be able to choose
What are you doing?

Friday, April 27, 2018

How purty is this?

Remember a while back
Jacky and I were gathering 
Candy tins
And I was getting fatter eating
All those chocolates?
Well lookie here

and I didnt even have to sit on it !
While on the phone one day
I just took them all out and
Made neat little piles

Anyone in for a LONG
Conversation? Lol
These need to be ironed
And tamed ha ha
These are from my 
Geese migration quilt 
Fun fun for another day

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Oh baby

When I bought this um carriage full
Of fabric I had something in mind
You see my niece that is crafty needed a little help
She has a lot on her plate with a boyfriend
Newly diagnosed with ms and such but 
Has THREE new babies coming up soon....
One friend having a future sis in law having a girl.......
And a cousin having a boy
She is knitting a blanket and made 4 quick little receiving blankets
So I got A ton of flannel and am making burp cloths
And bibs if I can find my pattern

Aren't they adorable?
Love it.......and once cut it is power

And one becomes many
I think I am up to 12 now with a couple more cut out.
Need more boy ones so am thinking 
Of raiding my blue stash and pairing with
The gray check for backs

I MAY have overbought
( I heard that snicker!)
Does anyone have any other ideas
What I can make with flannel?
I was thinking of a carrier cover
Wouldn't these all look cute in a 
Clothesline gift? Socks couple onesies
And all pinned to a clothesline for the Mom
To see what washday is like with baby lol

What are you making?
Baby ideas?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

More geese a flyin

Another purple geese block.....

And a brown and yellow

Have a red one and a sage green
One to cut pieces for.........
This quilt top is working up

Soon my pretties

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Here kitty kitty

While digging in the scraps
I found this cutie and had to make
Something with it
I layered it, quilted it
And put in a zipper.
It was a little fiddly but I like it
A cute kitty zippy bag

Here they are right side up

And kitties inside too


What are you making?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Thelma and Louise went on a road trip

Alias Dawn and Jacky
Went on a roadtrip

First stop was 
Stash enhancement. Look at this....

I was good and didn't buy 

This is Jackys favorite

Some bolts we may or may not have messed with

And lookie here
Half off. Love a good sale

See this sad face?

um I had gift cards to spend

Please let me get the roll of

Sure.......don't pay any attention to me 
And check out the batting packages

OMG whose cart is that?
Oh yeah......mine lol

After spending gift cards and then 
Some we were hungry and stopped for lunch at the Longhorn
(Not to be confused with the shorthorn)

Dont open that door
The batting will pop out!

Here was Louise's meal
Chicken honey mustard with parmesean crust  asparagus and sweet potato 

And Thelma had the chicken nuggets and asparagus
A great shopping day with a fun friend
Always makes you smile.......
Thelma and Louise may ride again soon

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Vote for your selection

I thought of joining these two sets
Of blocks.....
My idea was the solids would have
Not sure about it

I like the modern look of these
By themselves

And these too
But i did love these as the
Center of star blocks

I always wanted to make a 
Good night irene quilt too

What way do you like the blocks?
Any other ideas to set them?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Springing ahead

Remember I got a box of solid scraps
From my friend vrooman?
in the box was this neat strata
So I cut it in half and joined them at the
Yellow side making a runner
Found another green in the box
Divided the width by 4 to get my pieces
They happened to come out to 3.5 evenly
And sewed on borders
Only a small piece left that will
Become 3.5 squares for another playdate

And this is the newest scarf
Half done
I am thinking these will make nice
Pay it forward gifts this Fall winter season
Lots of folks here walk their dogs and what
A nice way to help stay warm
And i clear out the yarn stash
A win win 
My secret project is almost Done 
Once the recipient has it
I will reveal 
Hee hee   so fun
Whats going on in your sewing room?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Many things made

So far this year I have done a
Few projects
Table runners........

This is scarf number 4....

Secret projects 

And yes even more of these
With all going on with my blood pressure
And eye issues
And hubs issues i have been sticking with
Small projects
Quick finishes spurs me on to tackle more
Hoping to end this year with some great 
We will see

What are You up to?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A solid project

I am having too much fun
Wish I could stay home and play
These little 4 patches look so cute
Surrounded in solids

It would even make a cute baby quilt 
Of course i have no idea yet what i am making lol
Just 2.5 squares surrounded by 2.5 inch strips
Easy and cute and bonus 2.5 squares
Out of the leftovers

Dunkin did a cat scan to test my seams

Then did the roll test for
Softness and durability

Then the stretch test for size...
With that big butt Dunks I think 
I better keep sewing for a bit longer

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Black sheep black sheep have you any wool

Ok not wool  but three skeins full
I started this scarf number 4 at the garage
While I waited for oil change and tire
(Hey remember that camera angle my leg looks thin lol)

It is about half done
So a couple nights of
Knitting should finish it off 
And Three skeins will be
Outta the stash

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A little secret sewing

How fun are these
A little secret sewing 
Can't tell you what I am doing 
Or who it is for
But having fun 

How can you not love this cat

Or this cute square 
Thanks to Julie for gifting me

This is me right now 
Buzz buzz............
You hear my machine?