Friday, April 6, 2018

I love birds

Thanks everyone for my birthday
Wishes. I did get to sew a little

These are the migration geese blocks 
So far. Coming along quickly
Pretty soon will have to decide
On white or gray background
To put them together 

Dunks is looking for the birds lol
We also have my yellow finches
At the feeder 
Saw one the other day and they must
Have told their friends
Because it is almost empty already. 
Either that or some fat little birds!
What are you working on 
No deer

No raccoon
No bunny or chicky runner
I am into Geese at the moment

I am a bird brain
A fly by night 
A dodo


Julierose said...

Your geese are just lovely--I see that a little kitty likes them, too. Today sewing the back together on my son's quilt...hope to get it D O N E ...hugs, and TGIF JUlierose said...

Your geese look great.

barbara woods said...

getting bigger and bigger