Monday, April 2, 2018

More geese in the yard

These blocks are so addictive 
I just love making them and cant
Wait to see the finished quilt
Not sure if a white
Or a gray will bring out the 
Colors better

I find myself pawing the stash
And new fabrics
So that I can see the next block

Here is another one
The total so far is six complete
And six to add geese to
Making 12 of the 25 needed
I will have to have another 
Day of sewing 2.5 blocks
And need missing colors
Like purples, spring greens,
Browns and maybe some
Pastels of each
Fun in the stash 
Isnt that what life is about?


Julierose said...

they are coming along so well--very pretty combos hugs, Julierose said...

Wow you are really flying on this one.

barbara woods said...

You will have a quilt in no time