Friday, April 13, 2018

You color my world

I am almost done with a top

The color placement will be the
Next challenge as I have a design
Floor not a wall. It also comes with
Cat-auto block removal but that
Feature is broken and blocks get
Removed before I can take pictures
Not sure if the colors I have will all
Work. The black blocks kinda stick out
We will see later when the setting color
Is chosen......thinking gray to match my
Then after that the 
Will be saving to have it quilted
I cant handle one that large

This is what I have been eating lots of
Fruits and veggies and less processed 
A guy at work is doing whole 30 diet
It is very restrictive but is supposed
To clean your body of toxins and
Make you feel better
He is on day 3 and says he has more
I need energy so wanted to give it a try
Am slowly preparing as i have lots of 
Things like dairy and oatmeal which are not allowed 
I was already on no sugar and no fake sweetener so that part is ok
Breakfast will be hard for me
My goto is oatmeal with fruit
Grains not allowed
Then after the 30 days you reintroduce
The dairy and grains etc and see how
Your body reacts
If negatively you have 

mild allergy
And should avoid that food 

And lately these teas are a fav
Need ways to help me destress
And get this bloodpressure down

Hubs has more health issues and it
Is difficult to take so much time off at work
To deal with it all
But this too shall pass.....
Anyone else heard of whole 30?
Tried it? 
I love veggies so the hard part will be
All the prepping ahead so I  dont falter


Julierose said...

I've not seen that "Whole 30" diet...good luck on it. i am cutting back on portions now and trying to move more--but it is difficult at best on any type of diet I think. Also, I've had to watch what i eat all my life so i am sick of the whole shebang!! But am trying...I'll look up that 30 one...hugs, Julierose said...

Good luck on the diet. Once upon a time I cut out grains and potatoes for 6 weeks, controlled portions and counted calories, and fat grams. I lost a lot of weight, slowly you introduce the grains back into the diet. I maintained my weight for many years. Then they put me on Lipitor.....Your quilt is coming along well.