Thursday, May 31, 2018


How many of you have tons
Of stash that you dont know
How you will use it all?

There are only so many hours
In a day

Maybe you got it years ago
And now it is not your
Colors or style.......
Dusty blue?  Mauve pink? From the 80s

Maybe you have an abundance of Christmas fabrics.....
Oh THAT would be fun

Or maybe your stash is just overflowing 

Join me in this challenge
We will be USING UP that stash
And using moda bake shop pattern
Stepping down

Your assignment......
Cut 20.  Ten inch squares 
Wont take you long at all
Go on.....

Maybe a layer cake is what you
Need to use

See? Easy. 

We will be putting just
2 borders on them
And you can cut yardage for that too
If you have a ton of something
(Tell me again why I used to buy 5 yds?)

Cut those squares out of those fabrics

These are mine
MY assistant helped

An easy assignment so far

Mine are using pinks and reds and you know
I dont normally use
The warm colors so this will be
My challenge

Some squares I have one of
Some four of.
Just cutting them and will worry 
Later about the placement

I am thinking of using scraps
Of whites for my 2.5 strips
And maybe a navy for the
Dark strips. Will see when we 
Get to that point

Maybe darker red

So go ahead
Grab that stash
This quilt should work up quickly
And use up ten inch pieces

What d'ya say?
Wanna join me?
I would Love to see what You are using

If this is as fun as I think it will be
I just may be cutting up those blues
How cool would blue ten inch squares
And maybe yellow 2.5 strips for first
And navy for 2nd border be?
Or even green?

See what I mean?

and show us........

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

End of the month

Its the end of May
And what have I done
Maple leaf farmgirl

Moved a few ufos further along

Knit 2 scarves at appointments

Made a runner

And another

And another

Started a fun batik one

Played with another one from someone
Else's ufo blocks

Life is good.....if I can sew

Worked on this beauty

Made a little bag

Shopped with a friend

Made burp cloths for an army of babies

Finished a baby quilt

More butp cloths

And bibs

Gifted a sewing machine mat

Made a baby carseat carrier cover

And diaper bag

Yeah I guess you could say

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My garden is prolific and so is my quilting

My iris are next to bloom
Look how pretty this one is

And look at all the buds
Never mind the weeds lol
Poison ivy in there and I am
Allergic BIG TIME

They match my runner lol
This one is done

This one is done 

Cute striped back

And this one is done too

Lagoon jungle
Two of these are being gifted
And one will stay with me for now.
Which one would YOU keep?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Babies are fun

Babies are fun
And funny.....
This little one was so excited
About her baby shower that
She arrived early. The shower had
To be postponed till the 9th of june
LILLYANA  isnt she a cutie?
About 5.5 pounds and a head full
Of hair
She is one of the babies that niece and
I were sewing for

And this is a baby of another kind

A baby I made for someone special........

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Blue lagoon in the jungle

Lol I am not usually one to name
My quilts except to indentify them 
on a to do list.
This lagoon runner is backed with 
A green jungle print I had

Perfect. ..and lime green binding has been
pulled ready to add 

Perfect again

I was on a roll .......So I sewed up these cuties
From Lisa
(I can sew these instead of
Working on my projects if I wanna)
And pulled some purple for the back
Quilted it up and pulled binding fab
Love when a plan comes together

Now I have three runners ready for binding

What are You up to?

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rain makes everything grow

The rains here lately
Have made flowers 
And lawns and weeds grow 
Like crazy....
One day I had one pretty iris......

And the next day I had bouquets!
These were planted by the previous owner
And are such a pretty color
I seperated them last FALL 
And they are beautiful and prolific
This year......gotta look and see
When I can take some out to give away.

And when it rains I sew
Cause it makes me happy

This is one of those slow
Because I need to get the lights out
To play with the blues
You know when you get to that point where
Things are not ready
Bobbins need winding
Fabric needs to be chosen and cut

But charms already cut?
Well thats an invitation to sit and sew

What are you making in Your sewing room?

Do you think these are good prizes

Do you think these would make good

maybe some sets of magnets?


Friday, May 25, 2018

Farmgirl Friday

well again I have been a bad leader
I never finished my sunflower

I have been busy with baby shower items to make
for not ONE but THREE showers all back to back
(my niece is attending....none are related to me,.
just helping her out)
One of the babies decided she wanted to attend her
shower so it got postponed and the baby was born

also I have been dealing with a very sick hubs
so things got put on the back burner for a bit
I am up and running again and hopefully will catch up

Jennas so pretty

Jackies sunflower

Jennas maple leaf

Jackys maple leaf

anyone doing the tractor?

I cheated and got a tractor panel for the back of mine LOL

don't tell..........

drumroll please.............





lets see if I can catch up!

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Being brought up on the farm
One of 5 children
We made use of everything
Including leftovers 

When we cooked beets, we used the greens
And the beets
And the beet water was made into beet jelly. Yum
Anyway, I found these blocks just
Hanging out in my sewing room
So joined them
Right now they are a child size quilt
 But you never know-
More block friends may be hiding
To be added later.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Have you made these

Has anyone made these?
I need to make little prize
Gifts for our reunion
Thought the kiddos and
Adults may like these

Finished off the two scarves
Into the box you go
These will be so fun to
Give away this coming 
And my yarn stash is
Getting smaller

Used my Cvs extra bucks
And got two game prizes
For the reunion
Every bit helps
What do you think would
Be fun?
Was thinking wish bracelets
Earbud holders
Crayon rolls
Chapstick keyrings
Maybe even some
Microwave bowls
Any ideas for quick small
Prizes I can make for our
JULY reunion?