Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Carrier covers

Carseat carrier cover 
Had I known how easy these
Were to make
Everyone would have gotten one 

I made out of flannel
Some make of 

You start with 1 yard x width of fabric.
Cut same for front and back. 2 pieces 1yd by wof
Lay them out so same size in case one 
Fabric is narrower
Round off edges
The piece above is folded at top and left 

Sew right sides together leaving
Spot to turn. 
Turn,press and topstitch near edge
To finish. You now have like a
Finished blanket.
Cut 2 pcs 8.5 x 10
Fold in half to 4.25 x 10 and sew,flip,stitch
Each one like the larger piece but 
Dont round edges
You are making the 2 tabs 

Fold in thirds the 
Short way and put one side of velcro
At top and other side on bottom so
When you fold it up it will hook over the
Carrier handle....
Hard to explain without pics.
Then on large piece measure 20 up from bottom and 11 in from side and sew tabs
In the center third as a rectangle then sew the x for stability.  Done
Throw your scraps all over your face and take a pic at how you slaved lol
I made the girl one and now need  the boy one  the showers are back to back so it felt
Good to get them done for niece.

We sewed  from about 5 to after 11 pm.
WAY past my bedtime but so fun.....
She is a keeper and so cute.......
She loves hanging out with me and I love it too..


Julierose said...

Great sewing time you had--and sounds like a perfect partner...good for you...hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

It's nice to have someone so special to sew with. Love the carrier covers.

barbara woods said...

great pattern , no baby in our future but I will hollow when we do have !