Friday, May 4, 2018

Farmgirl Friday

Hey farmgirls........
She is showing us up

Here is Jacky'S maple leaf
Done in Springy colors
I THINK she is making sets of
Potholders with these
An idea for those who want to 
Play each month with the blocks
But dont want to make a quilt
How cute to make totes 
Runners etc for gifts
And we will be right beside you
you on

And here is her sunflower so purty
I need to find my book
It seems to be lost under baby stuff
(Nice leader I am lol)
But I will get them done

Jacky is making a log cabin 
Runner for a gift
Isnt it pretty?

She was worried about
The wrinkles so here is
A flatter pic
Hey, at this blog we keep it real
Ha ha

Have been thinking about making
Another one of these
I have the 16 patches done as you
Have seen
Thanks to my good friend JulieRose
And her 2.5 squares 
It will stew until later as I
Need more blocks anyway

And remember making these for Colette?
I need to make a bunch in rainbow
Colors with the mailroom stash

And these are my overstuffed bins 
At the moment
What a problem to have
I am blessed for sure

And want to make some farmgirl
Potholders out of the 6 inch 
How fun to get a mixer and birthday 
Cake  potholder on your birthday?
My nieces would approve.
How are your blocks coming?


Jeanna said...

Oh so much going on here. I finished my FGV blocks for May and I almost have two quilt tops together. Heading the quilt shop soon...

barbara woods said...

mine are laying folded up!