Friday, May 11, 2018

Farmgirl Friday

This is my farmgirl plaid table
All ready for fun in the screenroom

We can sew leaves

Or cakes

Or houses

Or another cake

Or maybe even maple leaves
And sunflowers.........

You never know.
How is your farmgirl vintage 
Coming along?

I did find my book.........
and some sunflower yellow fabric.......
thats a start right?


Julierose said...

Your screen room sure looks inviting all ready for Summer's warmth--still too chilly to sit out here for sure. Your blocks are really lovely! I like that sunflower that will be coming up...beautiful works hugs, ;))) Julierose

Jeanna said...

The screen room looks very inviting and comfy. I finished my May assignment...guess I should share, huh?

barbara woods said...

I think their's room for my machine on that table to said...

Looks very inviting. Nice place to sit and stitch a bit.