Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Have you made these

Has anyone made these?
I need to make little prize
Gifts for our reunion
Thought the kiddos and
Adults may like these

Finished off the two scarves
Into the box you go
These will be so fun to
Give away this coming 
And my yarn stash is
Getting smaller

Used my Cvs extra bucks
And got two game prizes
For the reunion
Every bit helps
What do you think would
Be fun?
Was thinking wish bracelets
Earbud holders
Crayon rolls
Chapstick keyrings
Maybe even some
Microwave bowls
Any ideas for quick small
Prizes I can make for our
JULY reunion?


Julierose said...

Key fobs are always handy and mug rugs, of course ...but you've got a whole lot on your list there...hugs, Julierose said...

Jar openers. You use that rubbermaid shelf liner which is rubbery feeling. Cut a square about 6-8 inches and crochet around it.

barbara woods said...

you have a good list right there

sewyouquilt2 said...