Thursday, May 24, 2018


Being brought up on the farm
One of 5 children
We made use of everything
Including leftovers 

When we cooked beets, we used the greens
And the beets
And the beet water was made into beet jelly. Yum
Anyway, I found these blocks just
Hanging out in my sewing room
So joined them
Right now they are a child size quilt
 But you never know-
More block friends may be hiding
To be added later.



Julierose said...

Oh yes, both in cooking and in quilting--"Use It UP" for sure...Your leftovers will go together really nicely I think hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Leftovers from the kitchen were never my kid's favorites but since they've moved out, my husband and I eat them up! I don't really have leftover blocks in the sewing room. I do have bits and pieces but so far they've just accumulated in bins. I'll do something with day.

barbara woods said...

all the time, scrap quilts said...

Food, and quilt blocks/scraps.