Saturday, May 12, 2018

Secret sewing reveal

I made a sewing machine mat 
Out of 2.5 squares
The bottom 2 rows form a pocket
For small scissors 
Seam ripper etc
To keep handy in front of you

The back was mailroom fabric

I hope the recipient is surprised
And loves it too

Package arrived to the birthday girl
And she likes it! 


These blocks are so bright and fun
I have been playing in the stash to
See what I can do....a runner is
Telling me it wants to be born

Am thinking of setting 3 on point
With blue and binding in orange
What do you think?
With all the fabric I now have
Do you believe black is not
In the stash?

And because we are having 
A family reunion
Old pictures have surfaced
So so fun
This one is of my grandparents on my 
DADS side with 3 cousins
And Aunt and Uncle
The cousins are now in 70s
See the twin girls? I was born
On their 16th birthday
So fun looking at old pics
I never knew these grandparents
As they passed before I was born
But the uncle in this picture
Used to say I was my grandmother
She was a sweet soul from what
Everyone says so I am honored


Julierose said...

Many thanks for a wonderful present, Dawn! Love it!!
I love looking at old family neat!
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

you are a sweet soul, we love you!

Jeanna said...

You made Julierose a nice gift. I could look through old photos for hours! said...

Nice sewing machine mat. Great picture.