Saturday, May 19, 2018

So many little time

Oh there you are my pretties
I want to make a small log cabin
Lap size quilt out of these
Red centers then old fashioned
Prints for rest
If I remember right they worked up
Pretty quick

And Babs look!
I found 
My star quilt
Gotta see where I am
I think I had too many blue
Done and need white
And the half ones

Omg forgot about this one too
Had a charm pack of 
Non Christmas colors of pink and brown
And was just making rows of them

Need to find more in greens
And prints that are not all red
And green and do up
A sugarplum top

I think I have rows of 8 
we will see how this one comes out too

So much to play with 
So little time to play......


Julierose said...

Love those log cabin blocks--I find that kind of sewing very relaxing..hope all is going well hugs, Julierose said...

Oh the choices! Where to start. I have been hitting the low hanging fruit as of late. Stuff with a deadline, or easy finishes.

Jeanna said...

Yes, so many projects! How is that sunflower coming along? 😉

barbara woods said...

Love those stars!