Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hot and crazy here

Colette this was the sunflower pattern
I was telling you about.
Fun and cheerful

See this fabric?
My friend Jacky (no blog)
Sent me an "oh. Oh.Dawn Dawn Dawn
Message Fri while I was at work.I read it while having my lunch and thought oh no what is wrong.....well
SHE Went shopping and got this cute flannel for fifty cents a yard.
She is gonna make pj bottoms for the grands for Christmas and get plain tees and put a cupcake on them to match
How flippin cute is that?
SURE, scare your friend to death but glad you are alright lol

Then she says stop by on your way home so I did
And this is what she showed cute
She had gotten a dino hat for a birthday boy
And wanted a matching tee
So we went shopping and I found her a bandana in green that matched perfectly 
And then bombarded her email with dino pics and she chose one and made an iron on
Then her granddaughter said Nana we need to fix the feet and added the lines and toenails. Enlarge it and check it out.
Soooooo. Cute
She us bringing it to the campsite today and will give it to the birthday boy.
Isnt it great to be able to sew????

In other news...........
It is getting hot as blazes here this week
At work we may have to add ice to the concrete mix.......yeah I KNOW!
I think that when I wad cowtipping
With Jacky and Colette I pulled something in my back
Go me
It feels like a disc bulge causing a pinched nerve
I have been trying to stretch it out
I had similar about 6 yrs ago and they sent me to physical therapy and it worked.
Just what I need right?
If only the therapist was a cute hunk 
And not a girl right? 
So no more cow tipping for me LOL
not sure if even carrying my porky Dunkin
Could have caused it
I kid you not....he is BIGGER THAN BOBBIN
and she is a dog ! 
Ask Colette.......she will tell ya.

So will be slow going round here
Just may have to work in spurts
On this project

Oh deer.........
No wrestling the deer........not yet

a few years ago

this was from a few years ago.
when we first got the house in 2013
I LOVE this haircut
BUT since I have let it go gray my hairdresser doesn't cut it like this
anymore. grrrrrrrrr...…..

I don't really want to be fussing with color again..….I know it makes me look younger but hate the hassle of it
all not to mention the chemicals...…...ugh

whats a gal to do?????  I need a good haircut
the last time she cut nothing off and it is long and shaggy
I look like a sheepdog with hair in my eyes ha ha

this used to be a wash and go kinda do...… kind
I was a hairdresser in my younger days and had to primp all the time.
not now...…..those days are over
I am what I am...…..
double chins and all

Friday, June 29, 2018

Farmgirl Friday

This is one of Jacky's blocks

And another one of hers......

And a third. 
Love them .
What? You like the sunflower
Yeah we got that on one of our shopping
Aint it purty?  Love it
I got the matching coffee cup
Cause I can and who doesnt want a sunny
Cup of morning coffee  

How is your farm coming????

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday thoughts

these stars were so much fun when I made the baby quilt
I really need to pull some scraps and make some more
for a bigger project

and Fall will be upon us soon.

this guy is hiding somewhere too
and I found more red brick type fabric for it
I am liking it too

and ever since we made these for Colette I have wanted to do 
more of them
you never know when you need a heart...…..or heart quilt
for someone

this is my scrappy star that is also at a standstill
 I have WAY too many starts...….

and this one Jacky and I need to finish up and border and quilt
this was  a friendly challenge between us to use up
strips and make a quilt
mine is a small lap
and just needs the borders for flimsy stage
why do we abandon these and start new? ugh

and this book on my shelf needs more use
love some of the blocks inside
maybe I should pick one block a week and a color family
and do one a week for a sampler type quilt
that would be 52 blocks so depending on size would determine
see/???? there I go again...…...grrrrr

I did love this one...…..they had made a ton of these for the CA wildfires a while back
and I was amazed at the different ways to set this into quilts


and scrappy
and easy

what are YOU working on...……..

I think I need to pick one of the projects I have going and get it done!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

thinking Fall

remember this?  yeah I need to find it in this pigpen of a room
and get it quilted up

last Fall my niece got married
and this is her first anniversary
I got her some pretty sunflower plates and cups

towels and potholders for her beautiful home

I would love to get the pumpkin table runner done for her
her birthday is also in Oct so it is perfect

or some of these...….hmmmm

yeah THIS guy
just need to batt and back and get er done...…..

easier said than done right?

I just want to mention that Colette
what about rheema fame  came and had dinner with Jacky and I. OMG good thing she and I live in different states!  We could be BAD.....VERY VERY  I will blog about our adventure after Colette does. Got some pics....hey you never know when you need blackmail pics.......let's just say that girls just wanna have fun.......
Colette have a sweet safe trip back and Bobbinator I still love you and eventually you MAY come to like me too. Ha ha. Maybe......

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My yard at the moment

These are in bloom right now
I dont remember the two tone one
But it is pretty

This is my rose
When i came here it had one flower
Just one
Now it has a bunch
It loves coffee and banana peels

See how how pretty

The clematis is nice

My hubs decorated out front
Doesnt it accentuate my weeds?

My weeds

Easter lillies from last year
They are tall

Dry here. And waterban
So geranium has seen better days

Do you think she cares?

He certainly does

Monday, June 25, 2018

Challenge quilt

Ta challenge quilt top
Dont mind my limited space design floor
I do live in a mobile so not big and open

I just need to find my pieces for the 
Bottom row 
I have a funny feeling the missing pieces
Have an attachment to Dunkin
Just sayin.....

But this was a fun way to use
Up fabrics like this
The roller coaster fabric as Lisa calls it 
Yep gone............
If there is any left it will be tiny pieces for 
My granny project

This one I liked but I literally never
Buy pink so now it too has a home

My quilt inspectors were quick to 
Get to work......

Hmmm lets lift up this 
edge and check that seam
Yes i know the edges need to be trimmed 
Mr inspector 

And the other inspector
Was just as impressed at how quickly this quilt was 
I kinda wished now i had made it looks great in my bedroom with the gray walls
What have you sewn lately? 
I wanna see
Thanks ladies for playing along with me
Even though the pattern i chose had a few issues it still turned out great

See you our next adventure........
Thinking of slabbing again
With a twist.....
Always fun sewing with friends isnt it?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Quilt friends are the best

Remember I won on Barbara's blog on the star blog hop? arrived....
I am a lucky girl
Fat qtrs and pieces and 5 inch squares
A glove and even some trim

See how adorable?

Dunkin was jealous

He kept circling the pile as I tried to take pics

There  you can see all the goodies 

Fun fun

A card and glove too

Dunkin loved the trim until I told him pink was for girls

And got mad at me

So I teased him 

Look at that cute face

Again wanting to know why it wasnt for him

Here all stacked to see how much is there 

I guess he is not talking to me
Hee hee
Ok Dunks . I will make you something nice
Thanks Babs! 

Quilting friends are the best