Saturday, June 30, 2018

a few years ago

this was from a few years ago.
when we first got the house in 2013
I LOVE this haircut
BUT since I have let it go gray my hairdresser doesn't cut it like this
anymore. grrrrrrrrr...…..

I don't really want to be fussing with color again..….I know it makes me look younger but hate the hassle of it
all not to mention the chemicals...…...ugh

whats a gal to do?????  I need a good haircut
the last time she cut nothing off and it is long and shaggy
I look like a sheepdog with hair in my eyes ha ha

this used to be a wash and go kinda do...… kind
I was a hairdresser in my younger days and had to primp all the time.
not now...…..those days are over
I am what I am...…..
double chins and all


Julierose said...

What is it with hairdressers? Do they get bored doing the same "do" for each person? If you like the cut why not stay with it...this is why I have let my hair grow really long and I can braid it and put it up...I got fed up with the hairdressing community...And i cut my own bangs...and it is white...but easy to care for....and hubster likes it...and more $$$ for fabric...hahaha hugs, Julierose P.S. I love that haircut you had too...

barbara woods said...

my hubby loves mine white thank goodness! hated it the few times i colored it

Lisa Boyer said...

Gray is beautiful. I wish mine would go gray--it just keeps getting a darker mousey brown. My sister is 11 years older than me and hers is not going gray either, it just keeps getting darker and darker. Our hair used to be naturally blonde! Now it's the darkest it's ever been. said...

I love my gray, and you and Jacky are adorable.

Lady Jane said...

It looks great. I wear mine short and grey too, lol. I am 72 and haven't colored my hair since I was 45. I was mostly grey at 30 like my mom and said enough was enough at 45. Now I do have some white mixed in but no chemicals for me. hugs, lj