Saturday, June 2, 2018

By now some may have accepted the challenge

Remember this challenge?
Have you accepted to take the
Whats the worst that can happen.....
A ufo gets created?
Dont you like the enabler in me?
Anywho, hope you are joining in the fun

The next step is your light jelly roll
Or cutting and subcutting the strips

I found some muslin so works for me
I cut some strips.....I think you need about 2 yds.
I cut 10 strips into 4 ten inch lengths
There was enough to get a 2.5 sq too
Then i cut 15 strips
14 of them into 3 fourteen inch pcs
The last strip into one 14 inch
And then make sure you have 25
2.5 squares total
Just a few ha ha

You see I am a ripper.
I rip one edge then with my 
Rotary i slit at 2.5  then rip

I like the way you get the size on the
True grain
Dont like the strings but hey
You cant have everything right?

And you can use a solid jelly roll
Too....just sayin if you have one hangin

I have a ton of this and am
Thinkin  ( I know...dangerous)
It may look ok as my last border
Gotta try and put my blue in
There somewhere.

See? A real oldie

Are you using it up?
Hope so. Will try and do a linky
Hard blogging from phone.maybe will
Steal laptop for a bit while hubs sleeps 
Hee hee

You should end up with this of light
40. 2.5x 10 inch strips
40 2.5x14 inch strips
25  2.5 inch squares

Once the cutting is done we will
Have time to sew
We will meet  here on Thursdays ok?
Show me a pic for now and I will post them

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sewyouquilt2 said...

My blocks are cut and on to step 2.not sure if I can do a free linky.will research

barbara woods said...

looks good , can't wait to see your finish said...

I am going to sit on the sidelines and enjoy what you ladies come up with.

beth s said...

That blue looks like a great border.