Monday, June 25, 2018

Challenge quilt

Ta challenge quilt top
Dont mind my limited space design floor
I do live in a mobile so not big and open

I just need to find my pieces for the 
Bottom row 
I have a funny feeling the missing pieces
Have an attachment to Dunkin
Just sayin.....

But this was a fun way to use
Up fabrics like this
The roller coaster fabric as Lisa calls it 
Yep gone............
If there is any left it will be tiny pieces for 
My granny project

This one I liked but I literally never
Buy pink so now it too has a home

My quilt inspectors were quick to 
Get to work......

Hmmm lets lift up this 
edge and check that seam
Yes i know the edges need to be trimmed 
Mr inspector 

And the other inspector
Was just as impressed at how quickly this quilt was 
I kinda wished now i had made it looks great in my bedroom with the gray walls
What have you sewn lately? 
I wanna see
Thanks ladies for playing along with me
Even though the pattern i chose had a few issues it still turned out great

See you our next adventure........
Thinking of slabbing again
With a twist.....
Always fun sewing with friends isnt it?


Jeanna said...

Nice! I hope the other ladies show their progress soon.

I was just looking at my slab blocks the other day from the last challenge. I have an idea for them, I just need to finish a few other things first.

Lisa Boyer said...

There it is! The roller coaster fabric! Did I ever tell you that just looking at that fabric makes me woozy? And makes my knees go wobbly? You did such a great job with all those difficult fabrics. Thanks for giving them a beautiful home.

barbara woods said...

great quilt top sweetie

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I finished mine over the weekend. I still have to iron and trim it. I'll post when it's been trimmed to size! Thanks for getting this challenge up and running! I enjoyed it!!

Julierose said...

Lovely flimsey--love your colors--this will be so pretty...hugs, Julierose