Thursday, June 7, 2018

Challenge thursday

Here are my 20 ten inch blocks
And some of my light 2.5 strips

Next step is with a light or white jelly roll....or 2 yds fabric

We will need 40 pcs 2.5  at 10 inches.

And 40 pcs 2.5 by 14

And 25.... 2.5 inch squares.
We are using Moda pattern stepping up from the moda bakeshop blog if you want a sneak peak

Dont be intimidated by the layout
We will match the 2.5 sections and trim the edges last

So you have your 20 ten inch blocks right?
And maybe a
 jelly roll or light yardage to cut
Into 2.5 strips then into the 10 and 14 inch lengths 
Easy so far........

Then you will be sewing on 2 sides of ten inch strips.......

Then adding two of the 14 inch strips......

See?  Easy peasy and BIG BLOCKS
to work up quickly.....
Work on making your 14 inch blocks
And the next step will follow 
If you want you can go ahead
And follow the pattern on moda

I WILL try and walk us through the 
"HUH"?  Parts once we get to the
Final steps.......

So exciting......
I can picture this as a cute easy
Christmas quilt maybe surrounded in white 
and green

Or  a novelty print quilt
Surrounded in white and gray

Or  blue blocks surrounded by yellow
And navy


These are Rosemarys
So colorful and fun....
She blogs at the knitting quilter

These are Sharons
Oranges....another fun one
She blogs at vroomans quilts

And these are Jackys
Hers are 6 inch with 1.5 strips

Aren't they cute?

So fun 

See you next Thursday!
Are you joining us?
Use up a layer cake and some solid jelly rolls. 
When we are done you will wish you joined
The fun.

Here is a little teaser. ...I started putting mine together to see.....
The directions are a little crazy
I like it so far.......


sewyouquilt2 said...

Gonna label my rows till done to keep it straight

Julierose said...

These will be so pretty! hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Love everyone's fabrics. Glad to see our encouragement paid off and Jacky joined the fun. said...

I had to go look up the pattern to see if it could be adjusted for guild. But while I was there I found another. Your quilt is going to be fun.

barbara woods said...

looks like the falling charms one that i do for people because it sews up so fast

Rosemary Dickinson said...

My blocks are done! I just have to choose the fabric for the dark strip. I love how fast this is going! Fun!!