Friday, June 8, 2018

Farmgirl Friday

This is my winter star

Then spring star will be next.

I AM DETERMINED to be a better leader this month lol

How's things on YOUR farm?

These are Jackys blocks
She really likes to Show me up huh?
Just kidding Jacky
Wanna do MY next block? Ha ha

Speaking of trouble.......
This is what I made

Why? Because Jacky made some
What am I making with it?
Who knows but they are cute and fun
And use up 1.5 scraps

Jacky made these 


sewyouquilt2 said...

So many little time said...

Cute blocks.

Jeanna said...

Oh know you and Jacky are ahead of me on the farm. Better get going on those next two blocks.

I think you and Jacky enable each other...LOL.

barbara woods said...

Love that ribbon stars Jackie made And yours of course

Julierose said...

All such lovely blocks--you two enable each other SO WELL hahaha
hugs for a wonderful weekend Julierose