Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hot and crazy here

Colette this was the sunflower pattern
I was telling you about.
Fun and cheerful

See this fabric?
My friend Jacky (no blog)
Sent me an "oh. Oh.Dawn Dawn Dawn
Message Fri while I was at work.I read it while having my lunch and thought oh no what is wrong.....well
SHE Went shopping and got this cute flannel for fifty cents a yard.
She is gonna make pj bottoms for the grands for Christmas and get plain tees and put a cupcake on them to match
How flippin cute is that?
SURE, scare your friend to death but glad you are alright lol

Then she says stop by on your way home so I did
And this is what she showed cute
She had gotten a dino hat for a birthday boy
And wanted a matching tee
So we went shopping and I found her a bandana in green that matched perfectly 
And then bombarded her email with dino pics and she chose one and made an iron on
Then her granddaughter said Nana we need to fix the feet and added the lines and toenails. Enlarge it and check it out.
Soooooo. Cute
She us bringing it to the campsite today and will give it to the birthday boy.
Isnt it great to be able to sew????

In other news...........
It is getting hot as blazes here this week
At work we may have to add ice to the concrete mix.......yeah I KNOW!
I think that when I wad cowtipping
With Jacky and Colette I pulled something in my back
Go me
It feels like a disc bulge causing a pinched nerve
I have been trying to stretch it out
I had similar about 6 yrs ago and they sent me to physical therapy and it worked.
Just what I need right?
If only the therapist was a cute hunk 
And not a girl right? 
So no more cow tipping for me LOL
not sure if even carrying my porky Dunkin
Could have caused it
I kid you not....he is BIGGER THAN BOBBIN
and she is a dog ! 
Ask Colette.......she will tell ya.

So will be slow going round here
Just may have to work in spurts
On this project

Oh deer.........
No wrestling the deer........not yet


Julierose said...

Ohmygosh- Ooooh nooooo-Dawn--take it easy and rest that back--try icing--that helps me and also hubster with our backs...not fun--
I had to stop the temp hexie project (see my edited last posting)--what a done with that!! Just a frustration--but I am moving more glue basting for this girl...

Tell Jacky that that Dino is so adorable...;))) great idea...
hugs and stay cool there...Julierose

barbara woods said...

Cute shirt , may have to use that idea sometime. Jackie really does good work. Have had a great grand over night and she wore this old woman out

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Make sure you take care of yourself! I love Jacky's projects! So fun! Try to stay cool. Looks like a long stretch of 90+ weather! said...

Cute coffee mug. Jacky's projects are cute, and the cupcake flannel is awesome. Perhaps it was picking up fattie Dunkin, but maybe it was when you were doing the twist with Elvis that you hurt your back.

Jeanna said...

Jacky's cupcake pjs will make fun gifts and the dino turned out great! Where is that blog Jacky???

Sorry about your back, Dawn. Hope you feel better soon.