Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nothing here but us squares......or is there

This container held pretzels.
I brought it to work and the guys 
Went nuts. So my empty container
Came home and I was happy.....
A new free container for some fabric!
Since my imaginary friend 
Got me started on this.......
I started cutting up some small stash
And putting the 1.5 pieces in here
Yep........gonna fill it 

These guys got made and are sticking to my
Magnet pin dish for now
Gotta paint up the tins that will hold them
And put them in the gift box

They are another fun project
How fun would it be to find letters
Of the alphabet and have a child make
Them once out of school?
And numbers
Or themes like birds
Or flowers etc
Dollar store clear glass that is flat on one side
Is all you need to make around 30 of them
And a magazine you can cut up
A little white glue and some magnets 
I put my pics on with modpodge since 
Jacky had some and then 

Heavy duty round magnets and put on with glass strong glue
Easy peasy
What? WHAT ABOUT my projects?
I am getting these done see?


sewyouquilt2 said...


Jeanna said...

We get the large Utz pretzels from Sam's. I watched my husband take the last empty container out tot he recycle bin the other day and wondered if there was some way I could use it. This is one good idea.

I still think those magnets are a great idea.

Julierose said...

Ohmygosh--I am trying to use up squares and here you are creating them!! and so it goes....;)))I use empty "Nonni's" (from BJ's ) containers to store small bits...
Hugs Julierose

barbara woods said...

small! takes forever to get enough of them . that 2 1/2 done me in for a while. i get about three stitch's in the binding on it and my thumb cramps up in this cast. maybe finish this month