Friday, June 22, 2018

through the years

OMG I was scrolling thru pics on the blog to delete old ones
and found these
my nieces were like 10
and I was making a quilt for my mother in law of her life
so the girls wanted to make one too
this is one ready to quilt.
I really need to get this done and gifted to her

each block represented something at the time in her life
this was Wings    her blue beta fish
yeah the one we had to buy 3 times cause he died
and we didn't want her to find out
but the last one we got had red in his colors and she
thought he was bleeding in the water...…..

and this was her name block

and a moose cause they saw one with Dad in Maine when they went on vacation

and they loved to ski with Uncle Joe

this was hamster   forgot his name LOL
but so so fun
they would tell me what they wanted on each block
I would draw it as best I could
they would pick fabrics an we would cut and sew them
they did zigzag around the edge for all of them
some are a little bumpy but all are fun

how fun would it be for them to have a quilt to give to their
future kids that they once made as a kid

this one is still waiting for me to handstitch

this was the inspiration quilt
after my mother in law passed away I got it back
it has a couple tears that need to be mended
and then I can give it to one of my kids

this block represents her 3 boys

Rich in cowboy hat and boots
one brother in baseball cap. Larry who died while going 
to a baseball game
and the third one who likes to gamble

Phoebe is not impressed with my story

Dunkin isn't either...…….FRESHIE

there are a couple of these somewhere too

but THIS is finished...…...and ready for Memorial Day  
July 4th and Labor Day each year
I love it

all hand quilted
and it came out great

some of these are cut and ready for reunion sewing

these are in the box awaiting some chapstick

so much to do so little time...……..


sewyouquilt2 said...

Where does the time go

Julierose said...

Oh such wonderful memory quilts--I love that kind of quilt...I made one to remember Mom's and my trip to is amazing how many forgotten memories will re-surface with just a block...great fun, Dawn--thanks for sharing...hugs for a great weekend Julierose

Jeanna said...

Those are wonderful stories you have attached to the memory quilts. Gifting the niece's quilt will certainly make her happy.

I love the patriotic quilt, too. I don't have the patience for hand-quilting but I do like the look of it.

Lady Jane said...

So many memories and so much fun went into that quilt. hugs, lj

barbara woods said...

great stories to go with your quilts