Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday thoughts

these stars were so much fun when I made the baby quilt
I really need to pull some scraps and make some more
for a bigger project

and Fall will be upon us soon.

this guy is hiding somewhere too
and I found more red brick type fabric for it
I am liking it too

and ever since we made these for Colette I have wanted to do 
more of them
you never know when you need a heart...…..or heart quilt
for someone

this is my scrappy star that is also at a standstill
 I have WAY too many starts...….

and this one Jacky and I need to finish up and border and quilt
this was  a friendly challenge between us to use up
strips and make a quilt
mine is a small lap
and just needs the borders for flimsy stage
why do we abandon these and start new? ugh

and this book on my shelf needs more use
love some of the blocks inside
maybe I should pick one block a week and a color family
and do one a week for a sampler type quilt
that would be 52 blocks so depending on size would determine
see/???? there I go again...…...grrrrr

I did love this one...…..they had made a ton of these for the CA wildfires a while back
and I was amazed at the different ways to set this into quilts


and scrappy
and easy

what are YOU working on...……..

I think I need to pick one of the projects I have going and get it done!


Julierose said...

These are all great projects ongoing, Dawn--hard to pick just one to work on isn't it???

(Now my machine is in the shop, and I got machine needles in the mail--figures: before machine and no needles, now needles and no machine--and so it goes---;000)
hugs Julierose said...

Too hard to choose just one.