Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Merry Christmas to me

Jacky and I LOVED this quilt book and quilt
we are going to do two blocks the same each week
there are 12 blocks so six weeks

then we will have time to still piece the sashing
and borders
and I KNOW we both have Christmas stash
don't you?
reds and greens
and poinsettias and such
the blocks are a little fussy but if we space out the week
with one section at a time I think they are very doable

Here is the book if you would like to join us in making it
and remember...…….
your Joanns coupons work on the books
at least they do here...…...making this book 10 or under
it was normally 19.95
remember? I got THREE books for 21
reg 19.99  19.99  and 14.99

whoot whoot!

One little project quilted and finished

And more scraps used for binding and a pieced back

So I grabbed the next in the pile
My little challenge from a contest last year-
I decided to crosshatch quilt it
And I had a piece of leftover binding.......
Another mini
Or cute mugrug

Grabbed a small piece of candycane fabric for the back

Another one bites the dust....

What little project is next?

Me thinks a pillowcase I have had cut out for ages
Two days.......two finishes
Go me!

Monday, July 30, 2018

More fun

Look at this cutie pie
OMG I just HAD to try this one out
I don't have the insulbrite so another trip to the store is in order
BUT I DO have a huge stash these days

I found this cute background from the goodies JulieRose
sent to me
and paired it with some orange and wing material batik from 
my stash
just gotta find red for the wattle or whatever you call the thing on their head
and voila~  
ready to sew on a rainy day
I think I have to cut some more out
so so fun
so so cute...….

this was the book
see how fun and cute they are? 
there is even a black cat for Halloween
who knew????

Look at this cutie
This is at least a year old
Jacky wanted me to make a strawberry
I forgot what we were going to do with them sooooooo

Found these in those dollar bags from the quilt show

I added them to this and a mini quilt was born for my sewing room

Tomorrow batt and back and quilt it
A small finish but will be a finish
Whoop whoop
linking up with Cynthia of 

and Beth of 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

New ideas

Jacky and I went on a trip to Joanns
It involved blood and husbands and walking out
Just sayin......lol
Anywho I decided to take her to Joanns as I had errands to run anyways
While we were there I looked at their book section
not sure if because I have not bought a book in years
Or I was just in a shopping mood
Or down because of spidey
I couldnt decide  on one so got Three!

YEAH. the ones for like 15 to 20 a piece
What was I thinking?
Well Jacky to the rescue...….

She handed the cashier a coupon to scan and all 3 books were 21 bucks.I was elated.

Anywho one book is all potholders
Cute ones
For all occasions
How fun

See? How can you leave this there I ask?
Can you say squirrel????

Saturday, July 28, 2018


I think I will start with some small projects
I know I know
but I think if I get some small things done
it will give me the energy to trudge on

this is somewhere and is only a half a years worth
of the circles
I really need to finish this
it was working quickly as each day I would pick
my circle and sew it

this was a self imposed round robin using a UFO block
I really want to find all these pieces again
I love this one and need to make it for me
just a lap size is good

maybe I can pull some Fall color strips and make some of these
and put them in the box
they are so colorful and fun

OMG Jacky do you remember this one from Bonnie Hunter?
yeah I was gonna do batiks and blues and greens
but I think I ran out of the same color for the corners so have
to make a plan B

SPIDERS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! yikes lol

this one is an oldie and just needs to be put together and quilted
maybe a nice winter hand quilted project

these need to be done
maybe an applique day for fun


what is going on in YOUR sewing room

I think I am gonna 
prioritize the list
and plan my time better

Finished the binding on this doll quilt for Jacky.
Feels good to be back in the saddle

Friday, July 27, 2018

Small things

I would love to make some of these for my cousins wife.she is going thru chemo and loves the red trucks like I do.
not sure if I want to make some placemats or mugrugs
or maybe even a wallhanging

Landons deer........need to quilt
I need to get this out and iron it up again and make sure the backing 
is big enough

So many projects
So little time
I have not had time to sew almost a month. ugh
this spider is killing me
so much to do to get ready now
wash wound
wash with hydrogen peroxide
let dry
apply Neosporin
wrap it

ugh...……..cuts into my morning sewing time
MAYBE I can sew soon...….

this weekend have a grandsons birthday party
and next weekend a graduation  party
before you know it, it will be Labor Day!
and my whole summer time plans of sewing out the window

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Squares and I dont mean lemon

Cute little blocks out of 2.5 squares

Hmmm how can i play?

Hi Mom
She always says Hi the end of July

These are a good use of those little blocks
So fun.
We will see what  they will become

You never know with scraps 
Fun fun to play

hoping I wont be so tired and can play a little in my room-
I am having sewing withdrawals

at the reunion all of the chapstick keyrings went
they were so excited to get them
it was funny
and some of my bags went too
need to replenish the gift box.....

Fall is coming and so is my nieces first anniversary
and also just a fun time to decorate with the bright yellows and reds
and oranges

the seasons change so fast and we will be in winter again
ugh.  hard to think of. last winter was brutal

are you playing in your scrap bin?

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

the farm

I have been so so bad at keeping up with the farm quilt
I really need to make my priority list and stick to it

no more fooling around
doing what I want
I need to have ONE project to finish
along with one distraction allowed

that's IT

(she says for the thousandth time LOL)

there. that is the first priority

no more geese migration
no more mini grannys
no more tiny


Cat and rats and elephants

Who remembers that song?
Bring me some green alligators and long neck geese
Some humptyback camels and chimpanzees
Cats and rats and elephants as sure as you're born
But the lovliest of them all is the unicorn.
No rainbows and unicorns here
Just a cranky ole lady with itches and a bad bite lol

So whats a gal to do
Hard to sew when my pedal foot should be elevated
So I grabbed felt and floss and while on the couch
Picked a pattern and made a kitty.
One quickly became two

Then four and finally 5
I had to make a black cat
Just because
Into my Christmas box you go
So here are the cats
As for the rats and elephants I am not sure
If they will make it on the tree.
But you can sing this song in your head all day
You are welcome😸💖

see this picture of spiderwoman?
first day back at work and all the guys are calling
me "Spidey"
Spiderwoman" etc

I guess they love me. hee hee


was tired after being able to take naps and keep foot elevated all
last week but I got about 4 days of billing done which was good
now to catch up the rest of the billing and then work on the
accounting side. ughhhhhhh

Monday, July 23, 2018

Some fun little things

You would think with a week out of work I could catch up on things.
Um nope.........spider  residuals take all my time

But I did manage to make 2 crayon rolls

A cute little purse......wait

open it up and some pencils and paper
And a cute way to carry them

And a small travel size pillow to stuff.
Not too bad eh?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Family reunion fun

We twerked......

And had friendly fights over goods

Had serious conversations

And genuinely had a great time

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Getting in the holiday mood

Isnt this a cute pattern?
There are all kinds of variations
Of this topper

I loved how the joint area made holly
So fun and cute

Hmmmmm should I make one?

Our reunion is today so hoping for some good pics soon

Update on spider bite.
Still nasty and red
Took 1st antibiotic 5 days....allergic 

They switched to another antibiotic 
Yeah you guessed it
Full blown itchy hives for our
Reunion.go me
Will pack my trusty benedryl with me and swig like a cowboy when needed.
Now there is a sight.

Please pray this crap from the spider
Gets out of my body soon.
There is power in prayer and I appreciate.each and every one.
And remember.....no messin with spiders for they are small yet mighty

Friday, July 20, 2018

Goodies as far as the eye can see.......

These are the contents of my special package from JulieRose.
Love that girl !

Looks like she had a plan
For these........no worries
I have a plan too........

This one is fun

Ohhh butterflies

Tea for two 

This will look cute in my farmgirl quilt

And doesnt this one look like me?

Of course she does! 

now if we can get this spider bite to
Cooperate and quit cramping my style........