Monday, July 2, 2018

A little sewing......

Got my haircut and feel human again
Funny how something that simple can make such a difference

Have you ever tried one of those facebook recipes?
I tried the grilled pineapple one only I cut mine in rounds instead of spears
OMG it was sooooo good
And of course with the ice cream it was also calorie free.
Uh huh. Was too was too

I was lost in my sewing decided to pull out things from a corner and organize
You know how I like to slab?
Well this little top was there with batting and just needed a back.
So I pulled one and off I went quilting it
I did my usual waVy line and then pulled
My little pieces of leftover binding 
Sewed them together.....was a little short.....
found a piece of what Lisa calls the roller coaster fabric and it fit 

Just have to handstitch the binding
I could zig it on but I like the slow stitching part so dont mind.....
And no girls dont send me your binding to finish
Unless you wanna work on my DEER

Dunks of course was attached to my hip and had to say hi 

A utility child quilt
Can play eye spy.....where are the frogs

The crows? Apples? 

The color green
See Lisa? the roller coaster fabric
And it is STILL ticking 
A small 

piece left of binding in my scrappy binding tin

Dont these look like blueberries?

Here is the back.......used up lots of fabrics
In this quilt 

Dunkin is looking for you Colette

And we had talked about tumbling
My rows are 32 tumblers across and measure about 46
I sewed them the 2,4,8,16,32 way making groups and chaining them
I have a ton more rows already to go so why  did I stop?
Because I was dumb and forgot the ends start different
And all my rows
 are the same.......
This will be a jack the ripper project to get half the rows with   one
Taken off the end and added to the other end
THEN I can add more rows and see where I am. 
What is going on in your sewing room?


Julierose said...

Lovely projects you have in the making...not much going on here--just trying to rest a bit and think out my next project...hugs, Julierose said...

Great projects and great finished. I would never call you short. Dunkin loves me. So if you have 32 for about 46 inches if I have 60 across it should be at least queen sized. I need to start using my tumblers as leaders and enders again.

Lisa Boyer said...

Roller coaster fabric to the rescue! Like a band-aid. A nausea-inducing band-aid.

Jeanna said...

Congrats on that almost finish, which by now is probably a finished finish :) You are so quick.

We are camping this week (and I'm working also). I hope to bring out the featherweight in the venings and work on my FGV blocks and maybe another quilt top.

Love your new hair cut!!!!

barbara woods said...

great hair cut, looks a lot like mine! Love all that fabric you used up to. Great finish's