Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Blogging friends are the best

Monday after the drs this was delivered
I had trouble carrying it with my cane and all so asked Jacky to help.
She was VERY willing
Especially when she found out the package was from JulieRose.
JulieRose was smart. This time no fighting as she divied up the contents for

Jacky had a book and a present full of fabric
And Dawnie had a book and a present full of fabric

And a beautiful note.
That Julie has the best penmanship going.
So fancy schmancy makes you feel important and all.
(of course we are important)
Who said that......I heard you.....

See what I mean?
This gal makes everyday a special day

I know. Do you hear the horns and horses hooves as they ride in to proclaim
The package arrival?
Dun dun dun duhhhhhhhh

This HUGE stack of fabrics
Was in my package
I had to put them away as the cat was

Making a mess with them so no other pics were taken
But you will be seeing some of these soon
I guarantee
With this leg my fuse is short....I am hoping I do not have to go into the hospital

Please pray that God heals this thing soon
So i can get back to normal.
There is so much power in prayer
God is good
He works in mysterious ways
Anyway the cat did not make me happy at all messing with my stuff

And a Jan Patek book. Love her.
She has that laid back style.

Thank you so much JulieRose for making my day and I know Jacky was happy.

I tried reaching her by phone but her secretary said she was unavailable
And sewing. LOL


Julierose said...

Just a little gifty to help you feel better;)))
...glad you two liked my choices...
Hoping you heal up's no fun going through that!!

I am at a standstill here--need to re-assess and organize. Since I finished all my grands' "going away to college" quilts I have been at a loss...and Helga is still acting up (she's so mad at me for sending her away! hahaha). Have fun petting the fabrics...hugs, Julierose

Donna said...

What nice Quilty friends you have! Prayers and hugs that your leg gets better!!

Lisa Boyer said...

So sorry about your leg! I hope it gets better soon, and I hope that spider is sorry.

barbara woods said...

any improvement? Praying said...

Awe looks like fun fabrics. No wonder Dunkin wanted to play with it. Bobbin is mad cuz I yelled at her several times today too.