Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Cat and rats and elephants

Who remembers that song?
Bring me some green alligators and long neck geese
Some humptyback camels and chimpanzees
Cats and rats and elephants as sure as you're born
But the lovliest of them all is the unicorn.
No rainbows and unicorns here
Just a cranky ole lady with itches and a bad bite lol

So whats a gal to do
Hard to sew when my pedal foot should be elevated
So I grabbed felt and floss and while on the couch
Picked a pattern and made a kitty.
One quickly became two

Then four and finally 5
I had to make a black cat
Just because
Into my Christmas box you go
So here are the cats
As for the rats and elephants I am not sure
If they will make it on the tree.
But you can sing this song in your head all day
You are welcome😸💖

see this picture of spiderwoman?
first day back at work and all the guys are calling
me "Spidey"
Spiderwoman" etc

I guess they love me. hee hee


was tired after being able to take naps and keep foot elevated all
last week but I got about 4 days of billing done which was good
now to catch up the rest of the billing and then work on the
accounting side. ughhhhhhh


Julierose said...

Such cute kitties--nice work on these hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Those are cute kitties. You can't keep a good 'spiderwoman' down :) You will always find a way to create, good for you.

barbara woods bewtjw@gmail.com said...

I guess t must be better then?