Sunday, July 15, 2018

Crazy round here

This is a spider bite on the back of my leg behind my knee
Yeah just for fun
I was a little bored so wanted more excitement in my life lol
My poor brother has shingles
In his eye and mouth. Yeah that's a ton of fun too.
We are a mess. This leg bothers me as it is where you bend the leg. Ugh....

To take my mind off things i sewed a little
Some 2.5 patches
Some in color groups

Some not
No specific plan at the moment
Just happy sewing

And my tin looks fuller
How does this happen???


Donna said...

Ouch! My niece got shingles a few years back and she was only in her early 20's!!! It is suppose to be horribly painful! Take care of yourselves! I think you both deserve ice cream and Dawn you also deserve sewing time! Ha!

Julierose said...

That looks like it may be a tick bite--you should have it checked out for sure--no fun!!
Hugs, Julierose said...

Oh that looks worrisome. I agree. Maybe you need to go to the doctor if it isn't feeling better. Poor brother. I bet he is freaked out.

barbara woods said...

go to the Dr. and get it checked, may be a brown recluise

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Be careful about that spider bite. You may need medication. Shingles are no fun either. They can be so painful. Hoping you both feel better. Sewing will help you feel better! It's a nice distraction!