Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ever share a couch with a fat cat?

Ever try and relax
Only to find that a fat cat is crowding your space?
No not Richard
He KNOWS you dont disturb Mama
But this guy
He is so concerned about me but I have almost tripped many times with him underfoot 
He loves his Mama......TOO MUCH lol

I may try some mindless sewing later
We will see how I feel
I made these out of my 2.5 tin

Not 1 inch or microscopic like some
Madwoman on the other side of the park

Just sayin........


Julierose said...

Mad Woman is too true! What tiny morsels...when our Kota is here she has to have one part of her doggy self touching some part of me. So I know what you mean, ;))) they love their people.
Keeps you warm in winter...
hugs, Julierose

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I have a hard time sleeping in my bed when Lily takes up most of the space! Hope you're feeling better. Mindless sewing is good for whatever ails you!! said...

He just loves you. Don't feel bad. I was hot and sweaty the other day. Lucy came alon and rubbed against my arm. OMG I looked like I was her twin. I had to go wash the ton of cat fur she left on me.

Jeanna said...

Mad woman? Whoa, Jacky. What do you think about that? LOL

So sweet how your kitty cares for you. That is unconditional love, mama.

barbara woods said...

he knows somethings wrong because you are not working