Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hot and crazy day

It is nice to be young
Landon my great nephew
Went fishing July 4th with
His parents
And he was so proud when he
Caught a fish. So cool and I am 
Proud of them raising him to love
Simple pleasures and nature



JULY 4TH around here 
Was hot 
Almost 100 and HUMID 

I started out the day sewing red white and blue scraps into 2 for me and one for honey for the month of July 
We can also use them Veterans Day
And Memorial Day

When cleaning up the scraps I found this little scrap so cute
And I had a zipper
And lining and before you know it I had a zippy bag

And it seemed like More scraps!

So I cut some squares for 
My patio tablecloth

This guy was resting 
On me every chance  he got ugh
Too hot Dunks

This is coming along
Gotta find the white
And get more sewn up

Maybe I should make more bags

In the midst of all this....oh to be young again....
Landon caught a fish! 

4 comments: said...

Great way to use your July 4th.

Jeanna said...

Too bad the 4th didn't allow for outside activities but at least you made the most of your day in your sewing room. Cute mugrugs!

Julierose said...

Great projects you got to make--we stayed in on the 4th too--and today we did errands and
I had my yrly blood work done early ... so hunkering down in the AC now....hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

we took it easy yesterday to and i boiled water because power was off at the water place from a bad storm the night before.