Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3

Today would have been the birthday of a friends child.he passed away of an aneurism at 8 years old
Such a good kid and old soul
He was always worried about everyone else
He would be in his late 20s today 
RIP Andrew till we meet again
Kinda sad day before the holiday

This guy I told you is BIG
bigger than BObbin who is a dog
See how tight he is in that chair?

He barely fits
Good thing it is squishy
He loves sleeping in
Daddy's chair

I think for the fourth I will work on this
What's happening in Your sewing room?

Colette you HAD to mention tumblers didnt ya
Well I HAD to fix my done rows and add them to my top
Still not the size I want so more tumbler cutting for me

This is yesterday's quilt
Washed  and crinkled
Dunks wss so good to show you the
Size ......remember he is bigger than a small dog! 
It will probably be for the cats

They love having new quilts
Checking them out
He got back a bit then ran into the quilt
Till his head was covered and was playing on it
Silly cat.......now he is sleeping on it........
My bratty baby! 
So a couple more ufos a little further along
I think i have enough of them to keep me busy till i am 200!

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barbara woods said...

we have to live that long to finish our list