Monday, July 16, 2018

Lillies so fun

Try to ignore my weeds and focus 

Focus on th
e pretty Easter lily
They are all blooming now
The ones on the side garden were out
When Colette was here 

I dont remember the 2 color one but it was stunning

This is the beautiful pink one on the side 
Where my roses died with that horrible snow
Dont dare move these as look at all those buds
Looks like Mom will be saying Hi
Very soon......she passed on July 30 and i think she lets me know that she knows i am sad on that day......
Love my outside flowers. .......
Weeds and all


Julierose said...

Happy to see your lovely lilies blooming so beautifully. And.not being eaten by marauding deer....grrrr....hugs, Julierose said...

Gorgeous lilies. Hugs to you, she would be very proud of you.

Jeanna said...

Such pretty flowers. Will be sending positive vibes your way on July 30!

barbara woods said...

Your flowers are lovely