Sunday, July 29, 2018

New ideas

Jacky and I went on a trip to Joanns
It involved blood and husbands and walking out
Anywho I decided to take her to Joanns as I had errands to run anyways
While we were there I looked at their book section
not sure if because I have not bought a book in years
Or I was just in a shopping mood
Or down because of spidey
I couldnt decide  on one so got Three!

YEAH. the ones for like 15 to 20 a piece
What was I thinking?
Well Jacky to the rescue...….

She handed the cashier a coupon to scan and all 3 books were 21 bucks.I was elated.

Anywho one book is all potholders
Cute ones
For all occasions
How fun

See? How can you leave this there I ask?
Can you say squirrel????


Julierose said...

I have to get muslin for backing my strips tomorrow at JoAnnes (can you say "Is that all?")
and hand quilting thread before the tariffs go in as I use German made Gutterman. they do have quite a good selection of books...and i am definitely a book-hound...;)))
Hoping today finds you feeling a lot better....hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love books but they must be good. my favorite is the vintage farm one

Jeanna said...

That coupon really saved you a bundle. Cute potholders. I see Christmas squirrels in your future.