Thursday, July 26, 2018

Squares and I dont mean lemon

Cute little blocks out of 2.5 squares

Hmmm how can i play?

Hi Mom
She always says Hi the end of July

These are a good use of those little blocks
So fun.
We will see what  they will become

You never know with scraps 
Fun fun to play

hoping I wont be so tired and can play a little in my room-
I am having sewing withdrawals

at the reunion all of the chapstick keyrings went
they were so excited to get them
it was funny
and some of my bags went too
need to replenish the gift box.....

Fall is coming and so is my nieces first anniversary
and also just a fun time to decorate with the bright yellows and reds
and oranges

the seasons change so fast and we will be in winter again
ugh.  hard to think of. last winter was brutal

are you playing in your scrap bin?

4 comments: said...

Not playing in the scrap bin so much as creating scraps. :D

Jeanna said...

I'm hoping to be playing in the scrap bin soon. Right now I just want to make lemon squares...yum. See what you did there?

Julierose said...

Definitely at play in my strings bin--still on the l-o-o-ong muslin strips--filling with scraps for top and bottom of my piece--I love this kind of no-stress, easy sewing...
I think your tote is lovely--and I am not surprised that those chapstick holders went like hotcakes--they are just so adorable...hope you are getting better there. hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Praying for your leg. It takes a tole on you , hugs