Saturday, July 7, 2018

We had a couple of visitors

Colette and Bobbin from
What about Rheema came to visit New England hunting down row by row patterns
Isnt Bobbin cute? be forewarned 
Even if you feed her your sweet potato fries
She may not be your friend....just sayin 
Lol she didnt like me but I think she
Smelled the cats and thought DANGER
At least I hope it was that 
DUNKIN is TWO Of her

Anyhow we thought we would do a little
Cow tipping for fun
I forgot who in the group thought this was a bull because of the horns 
Its what is UNDER that tells lol
Udders mean girl. You dont milk bulls
To quote Tim McGraw.....
Dont mess with the bull he can get real mean!
I displayed my challenge quilt on ole Bessie
Till we 
saw the sign that said no playing on cows 

The cows evidently cross here to help them make burgers and ice cream
And Colette had the lobster roll

We followed  it up with some ice cream
No pics of that hot fudge sundae I wasn't 
Supposed to have 
Hubs would be jealous
It was sooooooo good

Then. ....

Colette and Jacky saw a handsome dude
And decided to try and look their best 

He had a nice car too!
Was it.......
Colette said she saw Elvis 
And Larry 
And Caesar with Pugmom
But Elvis was here

And sang for us

He also got a little up close and personal
Hey Elvis
I am married

We had a fun time laughing and checking out the acquisions from her trip.
Colette is as fun and witty as she is on her blog.
We LOVE her! She is 'One of us"

Thanks for visiting Colette.
you made a normal night more fun!
wish we could have spent more time together
Let us know the next time you and Bobbin venture this way again......


Julierose said...

You gals really had a good time!! Great pictures and memories...hugs, Julierose said...

Thank you for entertaining Bobbin and I and spending an evening with us. I wanted to meet quilty friends, and give them hugs. I had so much fun.

barbara woods said...

stole the picture of Colette and Elvis

Ioleen said...

Fun, fun, fun. You gals really enjoyed your selves.

Jeanna said...

What a hoot! Looks like you glas had a blast.