Saturday, July 14, 2018

Words you dont want to hear

Why am I showing you a pic of my bed?
Well, the other day
I called home from work as I always do
Letting the hubs know I was on my way home
And was there anything we needed
 such as a stop at the pharmacy to get scrips or grocery store to get milk.
My answer was "No honey but I Want to show you what I bought for the bedroom. You know how I broke the lamp? Well I got replacements and real cheap....."

Ughhh.  Since when do I let HIM
Decorate ? YEAH the man who thinks 70s shag rugs and avocado green and brown plaid are cool......
That was the longest drive home Eva!

You see, even when he makes the bed
He puts the bedspread Upside down
Drives me crazy
Um those are FLOWERS and the stems
Are at the bottom, flowers on Top
Ugh. I suppose I should be happy he makes the bed after he rolls out right?

But look! I worried for nothing.......
He did a good job!
and got two cute lamps.

I guess I will keep him.......

Good job Rich!


Donna said...

He did great!!!!

Julierose said...

Oh lovely lamps--nice lamps are difficult to find--they have all this crazy stuff around lately. Good work Rich ;)))
Hope you are feeling better so you can enjoy this lovely weekend weather...
It is a deck sitting one for us for sure...
Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love them! He's a good one

Jeanna said...

Well he was very adventurous. I'm not sure my hubby would have attempted such a thing. Rich did a great job!