Friday, August 31, 2018

more squares

I even made some of these with those squares

so  why you waiting?
did you make a letter yet???
T and L are easy

I wanna see them...….

I guess there are no takers for the
Thankful runner so I won't bore
You with my letters.

Hopefully this weekend i can make a dent
In my projects. I have a nasty cold with sinus swelling and chills  sneezing and coughing so wont be sewing with Jacky but will be in spirit if I Am not
Down for the count in bed. 
I have too many things to get done
Didnt count on being sick for the
Extra day off from work.....grrrr

Thursday, August 30, 2018


when I think how many squares I had
I made like over 20 of these little guys

have this one still in process

and this one too

and made and gifted a baby quilt.
many more of these squares don't even fit in my tin container


I will use them in my thankful runner

how about you? have tons of small squares?
5 inch charms?  they can be cut into 4 of these
if you have two the same you can make the squares for a letter

you in???

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

thankful runner

for those of you who are playing along...……...on the Thankful runner
let me know. otherwise I wont bore you with my letters LOL

here is the link if you are playing along and using up those 2.5 inch squares.
if I can sew letters before going in to work...……..I KNOW you can sew a letter here and there

I wish I could show you how cute this is. you will have to click the link to see it.

I am thinking of using Fall fabric for borders.
how fun to bring it to your hostess as you trek somewhere for Thanksgiving
or to make and put on your table
and it is literally out of 2.5 squares that most of us have hanging around.
I am trying to make my letters of the same fabric within each letter but different fabrics for each letter. if I have to I will take small pieces of fabric and cut letter fabrics into squares. I don't think I have many reds and oranges so may do that

what d o you say?  are you joining me?  in being THANKFUL

My list is ambitious

I had no backing for this one to be
Quilted up last year
I should bite the bullet and buy something
And get er done

The last deer needs to be finished
I know i have fabric borders
Just gotta find that secret place I put it 
So I wouldnt lose it

Ever done that?
Hide stuff from yourself?
Thats me.....DUH

This is on the 
Even if just the pillow 
Gonna try and take one at a time
Better to get one done than a little more
On each and nothing done right

getting the small stuff done first as it is easier to
get finishes. the more finishes the more gifts I have ready
hoping that Oct and Nov can work on the big stuff

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fallish weather

The weather has been nice
With cool fall like breezes
Made me want to make
Something pumpkin
These are just two ingredients
Cant get easier than that!
Spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin
Batter will be thick  but mix well
Put into muffin tins
And no time you too will 
Have some pumpkin goodness.

These are my 5 beautiful nieces
I think they deserve a spa
Stocking dont you?

Or maybe I could just bag this guy up
And tie a bow
Naw.....I would miss the brat too much

Are you planning some homemade gifts?

Anyone want to squirrel chase with me?
Have any 2.5 inch squares?
Pull a bunch of neutral background ones
And some fall thanksgiving colored ones

I made these two letters in one morning before work.
We will be making a runner spelling thankful
And i will give you the link so
You can work at your pace.
I love it so far.....these are the easy letters as some you need hst etc
And i may need to cut more squares
For the other letters as my squares
Seem to be all light or
Not enough of the same to make the letter

But how fun is this?
Everyone breezes by thanksgiving
To get to Christmas......
I think giving thanks is important
So i am thanking you all for reading
My blog and for your friendship.

Stay tuned for the link
In the meantime.......get out those squares!!! 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Lining up Labor Day projects

I need to cut backgrounds for these cup mugrugs 
I think they make such cute little gifts

I need to cut batt and back and insulbrite and claws  for these

I need to wash dry and paint a bunch of tins
And add magnets to my pretty glass pictures 

And I will see what else I can get done
If I have the projects all lined up
It will be easier to pick one and sew

Maybe even this one........

This may be a cute quilt for daughter in law
The 60x60 top came together quickly
Now to just quilt it and get er bound

So much little time

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A little of this and that

I was cutting 5 inch tumblers when I cleaned up

They will make a cute quilt with white between them or a solid gray or black

The cooler weather has made me
Use this cup for my coffee
Makes me feel cozy and warm
And want pumpkin pie LOL

And these  may need to become a baby quilt 

I think I will take the ones surrounded
In solids and make a modern looking one

Not top priority 
But I do know someone
Expecting in February......

While rifling through fabrics again I 
Found a layer cake given to me
I think it was from our friend JulieRose
I also saw an old magazine with gift ideas
And they were making easy quick lap quilts

36 ten inch squares
Sewn 6 rows of 6

Hey I happened to have 30 squares so just
Went to my stash and added 6 more

Once I had my squares the sewing took half hour
A lap quilt maybe 
for a gift
Whats that 
lump you ask?

None other than
or at least WAY faster
Than this 
ole Mama

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Boy am I bad

See these cute patterns?
I did a little retail therapy 
And got 3 new pr pants
And more patterns  coming
The credit card is smokin!
Oh boy.......

So to stay out of getting into MORE
Trouble I Sewed some Fall colored
2.5 squares for the Fall panel
Nope they dont look right
So another start of some blocks
Simmering on the back burner for now

Guess some orange slabbing is in my
Near future
I didnt like the white background so may
Need  to purchase some brown
It is not a color I stock in the stash

See how projects get steered into
Other directions?


I however DID have a cute rocket fabric.....

And camo and deer for Landon.......

So at least I got SOMETHING done, right?
The quilting will be done later
But I am hoping  these boys will
Like their little surprise

Friday, August 24, 2018

Now i can show you this

Remember all the lovely fabrics
Our friend Julie rose sent to Jacky and I?
Well I have been playing with a  a lot of them so took a few minutes to make her this sewing mugrug.

The other side. ...
She arrived safely at her destination 
So I can show it now

Arent quilting buddies the best????

And new fabrics to play with are inspiring and fun

Who knows what I will play with next 

Jacky and her hubs have been growing tomatoes 

I ask you.......
What kind of tomatoes are these???

Interesting eh?

She has spiders........
Funky tomatoes........


I had better be careful when I go over there

Dont they say stuff like eye of newt
And toe of frog
Spiders and other stuff......????

She may put a spell on me

Thursday, August 23, 2018

More secret sewing 2

These just need bindings sewn on
But can't 
show you
See? I have been busy

Pulled fabric for brothers hot pads
Hoping to make them Labor Day weekend
On our sewing fest 
Jacky and I are prepping some projects
To sew for gifts and having a one day
Sewing fest

I had another squirrel moment
And sewed some tiny
Not sure why
They are just fun
Like climbing the mountain
Because you can

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Remember this?

Remember this?
Yeah my latest squirrel

Just need to sew binding
On back
Isnt she adorable?
I added the cocoa packet to see how it fit
Wouldnt a candycane look good tucked in here too?
I happen to know a little girl who is 3 and
Cat crazy. Now just gotta see what can
Go on her older brothers cup.....
They will love getting mail closer to the holiday 

This could be a new squirrel obsession
Ut oh.....but so cute

I will not cut out any more
I will not cut out any more
At least today.........hee hee

If you see this young lady today....

Wish her a Happy Anniversary.....
And its her husbands birthday too

Happy Anniversary buddy!
Happy birthday Rick
I'll be over later for cake
***wink wink***

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

More secret sewing

More secret sewing
Dunkin is like the dog from the
Bush beans commercial
He needs to keep a secret

Got these for guys at work
And i can have the empty container
For my strips

I have been sewing
These are almost done

But you cant see

Dont you hate that???
Such a brat I am

Maybe I will have something soon
That I can show......
I started my Fall cleaning
So the bedroom is done
Walls windows  new spread etc.
Feels so fresh and nice
2 bathrooms are next. The curtains must come down
Get washed and put back as the size window is odd
One of these days i will get around
Making new ones
What is happening in Your neck of the woods?

Monday, August 20, 2018


Yesterday when I was in the shower I hear the doorbell......DING DONG.....
hubs got up
and found this
On the step
I Immediately knew who it was.....
See the note about a squirrel?

Earlier I was emailing
Jacky and kept sending her patterns
Giving her ideas
And said if she started one she was
Following a squirrel

We can all SEE what she did right?
What a cute spool pincushion


So she gave it to me.....

Of the good kind

Hmmmm.....what other patterns
Can I send her ? LOL

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Labor day plans

Cleaning up again after my secret sewing
Got lots done
Just not lots I can show on the blog 

The little boy with cancer loved his quilt
And stuffed toys and had fun playing with Jacky's granddaughter.
He will be at his second treatment and staying in the hospital for a bit I guess.
So sad for a little guy to have to endure this.

I forgot where this went.
Not sure if I needed more cut
More sewn
Some fixed 
Not sure,what the cause of the stalling is

But will continue on my finishing quest
Any of you have Labor Day sewing plans?
Jacky and I are planning to take one day and sew Christmas.
I have a list that i need to get cut out and ready
Bear paw potholders for bear brother
Fish potholders for fish brother
Spa stockings for nieces....filled with fancy soaps (ON SALE at green fairy quilts)
Massage or nail gift cert
Bath and bodyworks lotions
Tea  fuzzy comfy socks...etc till its full
Times 5 nieces (they dont read my blog)
Also kitchen towels with soccer santa and hockey santa appliqued on.

Hoping to have a full sewing day
And get lots done.
And you?

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Friday night planning

Friday I went to Jackys house
We looked thru some magazines and patterns for Christmas

This is a cute mugrug with a pocket
When she wasnt lookin......
I kind a grabbed the scissors
And um.......prettied up her stash

You know when the ends are crooked because you cut for a project

Yeah so I just "did her a favor"
Isnt this cat fabric cute?

She almost caught me.......
The pieces almost fell outta my shirt

Good thing I am heavy and wear baggy clothes
You never know when you may need a fat quarter!

(Please dont feel bad for me by sending fabric....I am sewing as fast as I can to use what I have.......just like to bust Jacky as she throws away fabric......imagine!  And calls me a trash picker ha ha.........)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Just another day

Do you remember this fabric?
I think I have plans for it

This guy has been banned from the sewing room 
He cant keep a secret and I am working on secret projects

And he stares at phoebe and sulks.
Cause feet away is the entrance to the sewing room 

He is worse than me when I cant get in there

Meanwhile this gal just goes with the flow

Thursday, August 16, 2018

She s whining again

Remember the potholder book I got?
Well I gave it to Jacky so she could use it since she gave me the coupon.....
She wanted to prove that she could one up me

She found these online......
A turkey

A mitten.........

A snowman.......

And this was her pattern for the Halloween topper

A Christmas one may be coming to a sewing
Room near you.........

I tell ya she needs a blog.........
We will have to come up with a blog name for her

Whacky jacky 

Jacky no blog until now

What does jacky say

Any good names you can think of?