Thursday, August 2, 2018

anyone working on Christmas gifts in August?

No silly.....this is Easter but it was in the pile for just binding. How sad that it wasnt finished.

Now it is! This project got bumped to the top after talking with Jacky. Her granddaughter knows a little boy of 7 fighting cancer. I hate that kids have to deal with cancer. It is hard enough as adults to deal so my heart goes out to this child and his family. 7 year olds should be worried about passing a math test and not if the next round of treatments for the cancer will work.

This project got bumped up next
A little quilt for a little cancer warrior
I had it all pieced from years ago but never had the batting or backing......
Well that lightening fabric that was given to me will be perfect  along with another that has flowers of hearts. 
The sheep on the front will represent the Lords little lamb and the lightening will be the Lord guiding him to fight this demon. The hearts will represent the love and hopes of a stranger to make him better.
There was a reason this wasnt done.
God knew this little boy needed it even before I did.
So this one may take longer than a day
It is layered ready to start quilting.
And the whole time I had a song stuck in my head.
It is called everythings gonna be allright.
So good vibes all around for this little boy.
Sorry for the long post but this quilt just feels right and I hope it comforts him when he has chemo so he can feel better and make a fort with it and do normal kid stuff.

On another note.........

I need to peruse this stash
and use it up
my Christmas quilt will be reds and greens


I think a blue quilt is in my future

these are some little fun things I had started in Jan
after last Christmas
I love it when a project is near completion.....

are YOU working on some Christmas projects?
Something else?
can you share?

everyone is always looking for some good ideas

table runners 
mug rugs
matching zip bags
tissue holders
teabag holders
kindle or ipad covers

to name just a few.
not sure what I will be making for this year.
concentrating still on finishing up some little quick things for the box..

And some special projects. 💖


Julierose said...

That little boy will surely be comforted with your blue quilt--lovely work and idea hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

You are making a nice quilt for the little boy fighting cancer. I love how you have associated the differenct fabrics with signs of encouragement for him. You are right, everything in His time.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love your quilt for the little boy. I'm sure he will love it. I should be working on Christmas gifts but I want to finish up a few projects first. said...

Yep sometimes you make something without a real reason why. But then you find just the perfect person to give it to. It will be fabulous.

barbara woods said...

I will be praying for that sweet boy