Thursday, August 9, 2018

Its fall y'all

Well not really
But here in my sewing room it is

Found this panel that is
Also perfect for the niece
For her couch

I may need to slab some pumpkins

Looks cute
Maybe some maple leaf blocks
Just a little snuggle lap quilt

Or maybe take some ufo blocks
And try and make them work

There surely are tons of things
I could add to make this bigger

Maple leaf blocks
Pumpkin slabs
A combination of them
Now the question is
Border all around?
Just one side?
I want the panel to shine as it 
Says it all about Fall


Julierose said...

the pumpkins and those sunflowers are perfect with the panel...that should be fun to put together...I have stopped stripping for a while (not a good visual!! after all) and cleaned up my space a bit...need a little break...hugs, Julierose said...

Oh that's cute. Would be fun with some slabkins running down one side.

barbara woods said...

I moved furniture yesterday!

Jeanna said...

Oh yes, more pumpkins!