Monday, August 27, 2018

Lining up Labor Day projects

I need to cut backgrounds for these cup mugrugs 
I think they make such cute little gifts

I need to cut batt and back and insulbrite and claws  for these

I need to wash dry and paint a bunch of tins
And add magnets to my pretty glass pictures 

And I will see what else I can get done
If I have the projects all lined up
It will be easier to pick one and sew

Maybe even this one........

This may be a cute quilt for daughter in law
The 60x60 top came together quickly
Now to just quilt it and get er bound

So much little time


Julierose said...

Cute projects waiting in line for Labor day Sew-in ;)))
I have to pull out my Christmas fabrics today and decide....
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

All cute! Trying to catch up after being sick

Norma said...

Very cute. Do you make the glass pictures? I love the idea. But my quilting has taken a hit since I have been doing more craft projects than sewing. I have no discipline!!!!!