Friday, August 24, 2018

Now i can show you this

Remember all the lovely fabrics
Our friend Julie rose sent to Jacky and I?
Well I have been playing with a  a lot of them so took a few minutes to make her this sewing mugrug.

The other side. ...
She arrived safely at her destination 
So I can show it now

Arent quilting buddies the best????

And new fabrics to play with are inspiring and fun

Who knows what I will play with next 

Jacky and her hubs have been growing tomatoes 

I ask you.......
What kind of tomatoes are these???

Interesting eh?

She has spiders........
Funky tomatoes........


I had better be careful when I go over there

Dont they say stuff like eye of newt
And toe of frog
Spiders and other stuff......????

She may put a spell on me


Julierose said...

What a goofy looking tomato ;))) Someone surely put a "spell" on you and your garden, right?
I got my lovely mug rug --what a lovely (and definitely not goofy!!) surprise...thank you so much--.. Nice and cool here this morning--at last aaaaahhh.hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Sewing machine on one side and beautiful flowers on the other....that is SO Julierose. Perfect mugrug for her. Very sweet of her to share fabric and you to make such a nice gift.

barbara woods said...

that is the cutest! I use all of mine said...

Great mug rug. I have mug rugs from you, Barb and others all over the house. They even travel with me.