Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Remember this?

Remember this?
Yeah my latest squirrel

Just need to sew binding
On back
Isnt she adorable?
I added the cocoa packet to see how it fit
Wouldnt a candycane look good tucked in here too?
I happen to know a little girl who is 3 and
Cat crazy. Now just gotta see what can
Go on her older brothers cup.....
They will love getting mail closer to the holiday 

This could be a new squirrel obsession
Ut oh.....but so cute

I will not cut out any more
I will not cut out any more
At least today.........hee hee

If you see this young lady today....

Wish her a Happy Anniversary.....
And its her husbands birthday too

Happy Anniversary buddy!
Happy birthday Rick
I'll be over later for cake
***wink wink***


Jeanna said...

I love the mug rug with a pocket idea. These will make nice gifts for the cute.

Happy Anniversary to Jacky and her Honey and Happy Birthday to him.

Julierose said...

Oh what an adorable mug rug with that pocket! (You could hide a whole lot of goodies to go with a cuppa in there...why do I always think of food?? hmmm) .
Hope you got your cake...hugs, Julierose

Lisa Boyer said...

Now, that really is ADORABLE. Oh, I can't wait for Fall, can you? Seeing your kitty mug rug makes me want to put on my Uggs and have a mocha!

barbara woods said...

tell Jackie happy anniversary and her hubs happy birthday. hugs sweetie

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your kitties in the mug rug! SO SO cute! Happy Anniversary to Jacky! Celebrate by starting a blog!!