Friday, August 3, 2018

these are quick and need to be done

this one needs a backing and quilted for my niece
her birthday AND her first year wedding anniversary is in Oct
so I better get on it fast and have them done

I have a set of 4 placemats in Fall prints too to finish
then I can give her one for the birthday
and one for the anniversary
one is at beginning of month and the other at the end.

somewhere in this pigpen of a room I have kits cut of pillowcases ....I made two already and there are at least 2 or 3 more that I remember
that I need to just sew up and put in the box

how fun to make pillowcases in Christmas fabrics for the grands
for their night before Christmas box
a pillowcase to dream of sugarplums
maybe some new jammies
some hot chocolate and marshmallows
and a Christmas book like Rudolph or the night before Christmas

Last year Jacky made reading pillows for her grands. Just a pillow with a pocket for a book. She found books they would like thru the year and then matched the pillow to the book. Book about elephants? ELEPHANT print for pillow. So fun

fun fun to keep the magic alive while they are small

I need to find the black sashing for this and sew it on
then it will be the borders
if I remember right I have the hard part of the rows all done

It seems everyone is cheering me on to finish this one so after some more space clearing of projects I will tackle it again

and I need to find this pumpkin that Mom made me many years ago
she passed in 1989 so it is old but very cherished

and maybe take out more yarn to sit and knit for an hour each night before bed
I think I am up to six scarves to put in the mailroom for those who walk their dogs and may need a little extra warmth this winter
slow and steady right?

anyone else here a jack of all trades like me?
I have too many hobbies

yeah...…….so many things
so little time...….

I need to be able to time travel back and get off the puter and get those projects done! Lol

The little boys quilt is done
Now just for a label
And a quick wash

See the hearo.ts?
And lightening?

I was up at 2 and had er done by 5
God woke me and said move that butt girl
And that song everythings gonna be allright was in my head again.....maybe the label should have some of the lyrics
Happy Friday all
And may you accomplish all you set out for goals


Julierose said...

Good job finishing up that little boy's quilt--really cute...lots of projects going there...hugs, Julierose said...

Great job finishing the quilt. Isn't it hard when you have so much close to finishing?

barbara woods said...

lots of great things to finish

Jeanna said...

I was thinking about you this morning. I woke up a little after 3:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I tried but gave up and got up a little after 4. Amazing what one can accomplish at that hour when the house is so quiet.

Congrats on finishing the little boy's quilt. He will be thrilled to receive it.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I think you have more energy than anyone I know! So nice of you to finish that little boy's quilt. He'll love it. Keep up your projects! You're working circles around me!!