Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Fair

I found the craftbuilding this year
Braided rugs......

Look at this beauty. I have never seen a braided rug like this

Be still my heart.....

So fun

This One  used ribbons that were won

I liked this one
So scrappy and fun

This was awesome too 
See how little those stars are?

About 3.5 inch blocks

Yeah I know. So tiny and cool.

I was in
A fun day with Dad and one brother
The other one is still feeling the pain of shingles so decided to stay home
Poor guy

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Around this place

One of these is not like the other
See the size difference?
I made to replace the pink block
But it is smaller. I THINK my cutting was off
Two blocks for a kitchen sink quilt

I joined these for fun 
They were hst from other projects
I saved the cutoffs and sew the seam
Then when I want to use them I trim
Them and use them

A little closer to a finish
Every few minutes counts

Anyone else buy acorns?
These were at a local store
Fake acorns and were 2.00 for a box
So I figure I could glue them onto
Fall projects
You never know when you need one
And no bugs like the real ones

Today going to the Fair in NH with brothers and Dad.
Hoping to get pictures of quilts this time. Lol I am sure we will have the apple crisp
And  the dogbowl fries ...a HUGE container of them that we share
And fried dough and all that good for you food. Ha ha
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Olaf needs a border

Am wondering where I hid these beauties 

I had started the winter solstice quilt with Pat Sloan last year
But didnt like the direction she was going in so stopped with 
a few blocks

Fast forward to this year.
I have an Olaf panel that I would like to make into a lap quilt 

An easy way is to add blocks as a border
I think i had 6 blocks made so a border on one side may work?
Gotta find them and see if they will look ok with the panel

Do you ever combine ufo projects?
Sometimes I like the finished piece better than the original ideas

Hmmm. Now if I were a block, where would I be hiding?

There you are my pretties
I did have 6 blocks 
I think if I make some more blue blocks
Maybe a few star like snowflake blocks
This could be a top soon....

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Why cant I decide

Anyone drink Lady Grey?
Ooooo my buddy Jacky got me
Hooked on it
A nice cup on a cold dreary day is so good

And this is what you should do on a rainy day
She loves the quilts Mommy makes for her lol

When I was shopping I found this coffee
In kcups for the Keurig.
I thought it was fun so got it.
Maybe I should start my day right with a cup

Cleaning up I fiddled with some solid strips
And 5 blocks were born

But when you put them together
I DONT LIKE the purple all together

So I alternated them
I like it

Here is four. 
What do you do with 5 blocks
They are rectangular 
I think I will let them sit and maybe
Some blocks of different colors
Will join them later

Or maybe they will become a tote
Or tablerunner
Decisions decisions....

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Knit one purl two....

This one is almost
Done. Then another will go on the 
Just an easy happy little pattern
For the spa stockings

Fun fun

I also have been finding fun things to stuff the stockings with and think i may have enough . Need to pull them all out......fancy soaps, nail stuff, face scrubbie, body loofa, headband, fuzzy socks, spa cloth.     We will see. Just a trip later to bath n body for some cool lotions
That makes five gifts almost done......
And spending a little here and there instead of in the weeks in dec helps make it hurt less lol.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Almost a finish.....

The light in here at 4am is not bright
I replaced the pink block
Then arranged them in rows
Added my gray sashing
Now the sides need to be put on 
And I think I will need cornerstones
To make my sashes long enough
I think I Will have just a couple of pieces
Under 3 inches left of the gray
Ha ha. Hows that for planning
I like the modern look of the quilt but it kinda says boy to me
We will see what my niece thinks.
It is for her cousin that I did the surprise wedding flowers for

I should be careful what I say
In case karma is listening
Those borders are not on yet....

Monday, September 24, 2018

Rockaby baby.......

This should be an easy project 
First make a new block and put the pink one aside to play another day

Then figure out gray strips and see if
I have enough for a small baby quilt
Ever do a project like this?
First I had been gifted 
2.5 squares

And sewed them as leader enders
Then made 
4 patches

I was gifted some cool
Solids. And some were strips 
So bordered the 4 patch
Put the blocks aside and now
They go to the top of the list 
Because a baby is due in Feb
It now has a purpose so it needs to be finished

It just needed a little time to mature

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lookie what I see

I got up early and got to the garage 20 min
Before they opened.
are you kidding???
Good thing for cell phones so I w as emailing Jacky etc and then saw this car
Pull up
remember last time and old blue car was there?
Well then I got nervous...
Is this a sign that I wont get a sticker?
oh no.......

I stood real close to it as my car was being
I tried to take pics without looking like a tourist 

The tires were white and red.
What a beautiful car...


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Today at the ranch.......

I think next is to pull 
2.5 squares to make
Another block.....
Then surround it with solid
Gray is appealing to me
So I need to measure and see if I can 
Use what I have to finish this up.
The baby is due in Feb
But it will be nice to be AHEAD for once

This needs to get taken care of

And this will be my
Relax before bed project

If you can call it relaxing  to
Count stitches while
Uh hm someone is talking to you
AND TWO CATS are chasing the yarn around
Nothing worse than trying to knit and the yarn is wet. Ughhhhh
I always wash them before I wrap
But still.......
Still coughing a little
Seems it is not a cold but is a virus
And it is going round and round with kidsback to school etc.

I am feeling better just cant kick the nasaldrip and cough

Friday, September 21, 2018

What looks better

I found these blocks
And want to make a neutral  baby quilt 

I may need to remake one square to replace the pink one
But light green sash?


Something else?
I want to use what 
I have

Maybe once I replace the pink one
It will speak to me.
Do YOU hear it???

Thursday, September 20, 2018

I think brother will like it

I just need to handstitch the edge and this will be done.
I think my brother is gonna like it.
He loves to cook and loves bears 

Another project done........

How are your projects coming?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Does a bear you know what in the woods?

A little more progress on brothers bear potholder
A little fiddly turning those little paw pad pieces
I use an old trick I learned years ago that may help those of you who are not applique fans
I sew the piece right sides together to a used dryer sheet
Then slit the sheet and turn inside out
It helps with tiny pieces to turn the edge
So you can applique it down
I will hand stitch these on as I want the
Edges to stay nice and I will also
Machine applique them on.
Then it will be time to get out the claws
And sew the batting and insulbrite layers in and finish it off
My brother who cooks and loves bears is gonna
LOVE this for the cabin.....
He is bringing me Maine apples this weekend to make "blapple jam"
It is a family story of when his girls were small and they were making an apple pie with him but needed more filling so added blueberries.  He asked them what should they call it and the term Blapple came about.
So we often request blapple pie
Or blapple jam
Just in case you ever come to our house. .....
Now you know
The rest of the story.....LOL

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pinterest is evil

Pinterest will be the death of me
I was cleaning up some small fabric
And doing my usual.....
Cut 5 inch squares. Then 2.5  then 1.5
And strings and 2.5 strips if I have them

Those snack barrels are perfect to hold them.. Thanks Sharon of Vrooman quilts!
The pinterest quilt I saw was a 4 patch
Surrounded by white so they floated on the quilt top
I am thinking gray would be nice as my bedroom walls are gray
And this will be a longterm project
It takes ah hemmmm
Over 4000  1.5 inch squares to make
That right
So I will cut up my scrap into the barrel
And pull out a few to chain sew when I get the urge
And put the little 2 inch blocks into another container pinned by tens to keep track of my progress
These are not crooked
They are not pressed
I really need to work on
My photography skills
But small they are
And addictive to chain piece
And so darned cute!
What are you making with your scraps?

Monday, September 17, 2018

Getting things checked off the list

This was weighing on my mind.
Rich's parents stone needed the dates
Put on of their deaths.
It was supposed to be in the prepaid package from the funeral home but they said it wasnt and we didn't Have any paperwork so we had to pay to have it done.
So we contacted them in late May,sent a deposit in June
And just now when we asked for the 3rd time if it was done they said it was.
We went there to make sure. So now we can pay the rest and feel like this task is finally done and right.

So last night as hubs watched some Alaska frontier show I started a spa cloth
For the girl's stockings
I need to make FIVE 

Surprise by my friend Jacky
She felt good enough to get out
And about and brought me a peach 
Big enough to feed a family of 4
See normal plum in picture for
Size reference 
So glad she is feeling better 😁

Sunday, September 16, 2018


I finished my a n k letters for my
Thankful runner

I am in love..........
Now to find Fall print border for it
And get er ready for Thanksgiving
All from my 2.5 inch blocks stash

I saw an adorable quilt made
With 4 patches made out of 1.5 squares
I may need to put on my list for Jan

I will cut the blocks as i clean up
Filling the snack barrel up
From what i understand the queen
Size needs over 4000 of them

Check LOL
I think I got that covered 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sewing a little something

This block that Babs of wont to be quilter teased me with
Had me from the start...
I didnt have enough of the light fabric I wanted
So I compromised
But ended up using 3
This gold stripey one.....

A gold leaf one.....

And a text one in red

I like it.....I wanted to use what I have

As you can see it is a large block
Dunkin is a 13 pound cat!
I think he likes it too

This may end up a pillow
We will see
For now it satisfied my need to sew

Friday, September 14, 2018

Yay its FRIDAY!@!@@!

My yellow rose is still blooming
And bringing a smile from me when I see it

And JulieRose...

Just look at this beauty 
Remember the piece you sent me?
I guess it likes it here

Gorgeous! I think of you each time 
I go out my door

I should try and locate these
For a quick cute neutral
Baby quilt
I think they are 8 inch squares so a sashing
Of gray or white should bring it up to size
I have been sleeping late these days
And not much that I can show on my blog
A little secret sewing.......
Soon I will be in full swing again
But for now these little finishes
Make me happy.