Saturday, September 29, 2018

Around this place

One of these is not like the other
See the size difference?
I made to replace the pink block
But it is smaller. I THINK my cutting was off
Two blocks for a kitchen sink quilt

I joined these for fun 
They were hst from other projects
I saved the cutoffs and sew the seam
Then when I want to use them I trim
Them and use them

A little closer to a finish
Every few minutes counts

Anyone else buy acorns?
These were at a local store
Fake acorns and were 2.00 for a box
So I figure I could glue them onto
Fall projects
You never know when you need one
And no bugs like the real ones

Today going to the Fair in NH with brothers and Dad.
Hoping to get pictures of quilts this time. Lol I am sure we will have the apple crisp
And  the dogbowl fries ...a HUGE container of them that we share
And fried dough and all that good for you food. Ha ha
Have a great weekend everyone!


Julierose said...

Oh Fair food is half the fun isn't it? I hope you get to see quilts and not only tractor pulls this time ! lol Enjoy!
Hugs julierose said...

Oh have fun with brother and dad! I was thinking about him this morning wondering how he was doing.

Jeanna said...

I can't say that I've ever seen fake acorns before. Much better idea than using the real ones, for sure.

Hope you had fun at the fair.